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August Goals and a July Recap…


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Happy August! This is one of my favorite months of the year. We have so much exciting things happening and to look forward to, we get to enjoy the rest of summer break, and we get to head back to school and get back into a routine. I love this month. I also love monthly goals! Let’s get started with a quick recap of my July goals…


  • Set up classroom. My classroom is pretty much set up and ready to go. I am sure I will be in for an hour or two a couple times a week until I go back to school, but it is ready and I feel SOOOO good about it. Bring on some fun times ahead to celebrate the end of summer.


  • Run 50 miles. I ran over 50 miles throughout the course of the month.
  • Paint trim/wood wall. Didn’t get to it, but I really want to get this done before school starts.
  • Go through kid’s clothes. I did not get to this one either. BOO!
  • Start buying school supplies. We bought PBTeen backpacks while they were on sale and picked up some glue sticks and pencils while we have been out and about, the kiddos also got new lunch boxes from WalMart…they have some really nice ones for $6 through their Ozark Trail line.


Some other things I accomplished this month…

  • Started Christmas shopping (Guy is pretty much done).
  • Got a domain.

August is going to be a blur of excitement, anticipation, but also business. We have so many fun things planned but I want to accomplish some things as well so our school year starts off on the right foot.

  • Paint trim/wood wall. Over Christmas break I painted our living room and I never finished two doors, I need to finish the trim on them and then I want to white wash a wooden wall we have.
  • Go through kid’s clothes. I need to go through and donate Maddi and Guy’s clothes before we get new school clothes.
  • Go through my tupperware and sort/organize. Buy new lunch containers and a lunchbox for myself. Hello, my name is Jenna and I carry my lunch in a plastic WalMart bag. No joke. I want to get a big kid lunch box. I also need to organize all my tupperware and make sure that we have enough for the school year, but also buy some new stuff.
  • Clean refrigerator.  I need to wipe down all the shelves and the bottom.
  • Start planning our fall…football, pumpkin patches, a special weekend trip to Seattle, WSU Cougars games, and so much more. We have a busy but fun fall coming up and I want to make sure that things start getting planned and aligned so we don’t miss out on anything.

We still have about three weeks of summer left and I want to spend the time enjoying it with my family and friends but still be organized when reality hits us at the end of the month. I am really looking forward to August!

What are your goals for August?


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24 thoughts on “August Goals and a July Recap…

    1. I felt like the running goal was one I thought about every single day! So who cares about the trim not getting painted 🙂


  1. Planning for fall is one of my favorite things to do! I love it! That is awesome about your Christmas shopping, I have started some too and a lot of people think I’m crazy, I think it’s supersmart! You got these goals girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like shopping early, plus I feel like I get better deals and prices on things. I love planning for fall. This time of year (back to school) can get a little (or a lot) stressful so having fun things to look forward to is nice!


    1. I cannot imagine going back in 110 degree temps right now! I would die. Hahahahaha! We are going to soak in as much summer as possible!


    1. December is always crazy and we always have so many expenses that just pop up so I like getting most of my shopping done as early as I can!


  2. Ugh- I have too many to-dos on my list for August. I like the Embark lunchboxes from Target for myself and my kids. They’re currently on sale this week, too! Can you fly down and set up my new classroom for me please? I just got into it today and haven’t finished clearing out the randomness that the girl before me left. 😦 I can’t wait to hear what Guy is getting for Xmas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhhhhh I am so sorry about all the randomness! I feel you on that! Last year I moved into my first grade classroom (from when I was in first grade) and found my old workbooks! I would love to come help you!


  3. Wow girl over 50 miles! How much weight have you lost now? I know when I’m in my regular running it drops quickly! I think that’s how I’m going to get my 8 off. Elementary prep…I remember helping my mom with bulletin boards, copies, etc. HA fun memories! I’m proud of you on your achievements! Way to go, friend!


    1. I dropped 8 pounds this month! The regular running helps. If I stop and then start again I always GAIN! Thank goodness I am on the other side because May was tough!


    1. My kiddos are going to be gone for a couple of days and I am going through their rooms. You are right, it is SO much easier to do it when they are not around!


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