Weekend Recap…Slime and Sunshine


Happy Monday! Today I am linking with two of my favorites, Johannah and Heather.

Friday started with 4.5 glorious miles of running and then walking. It was so nice out. Our mornings are dipping down to the low 60’s/high 50’s.

Later that morning, Guy came home and set up his field and harvested a bunch of wheat that Brandon had brought him home. He spent hours doing that this weekend. My boy loves farming as much as his dad.

I had a super yummy lunch, you can find the recipe here.

I had all the ingredients for Swig Cookies… I used this recipe. These cookies are SOOO yummy!

Saturday started with another great run and then the kids and I went and worked on my classroom. They are excellent help at hanging bulletin boards. However, behind me was pretty much every single toy in my classroom thrown about the floor. Hahaha!

We grabbed the stuff to make slime from my classroom and came home to beat the 100 degree temps and made some slime. This batch was the liquid startch, I am going to try the contact solution slime next time.

While the kids played slime, I worked on my homework for the summer. Both great books. If you area  teacher, you should really think about reading “First Days of School” by Harry Wong. It is a great refresher book!

Sunday was filled with family time and I didn’t take a single picture. Brandon was home and we hung out, wrestled, played outside, and ate pizza for dinner. It was a great day. I hope you had a great weekend too!


16 thoughts on “Weekend Recap…Slime and Sunshine

  1. First of all, LOVE the title of your post! A big YES for slime!!! Ahhh the JD’s! My boys LOVED John Deere and I have saved most of them for future grandkids. Zoodle salad….YUM!! Happy Monday pretty lady!

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    1. That farm equipment is a small fortune. Brandon’s mom saved all of his and Maddi, Guy (and Brandon) love it! Your future grandkids will love it too!


  2. Oh the slime!! My boys got it all over their clothes the other day and I about lost it! haha. It would NOT come out!!!! Thankfully, the fanciest clothes they own are from Target so it wasn’t TOO big of a loss. 😉

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    1. My kids were the SAME way! They would complain all the time. Now they can ride their bikes or I just leave early early in the morning or in the evening when Brandon is home. It is so hard to find time though! I completely understand!


  3. So jealous of those temps! OMG- I love Harry Wong! When I was in my first year of teaching, the school secretary announced over the PA, “Harry Wong will be in the library at 3:30.” Ding dong me thought she meant THE Harry Wong and not the videos- LOL! Hope you had a great Monday!

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    1. I would have thought the SAME thing and probably had a fan-girl moment! Hahahaha! THE Harry Wong. I wonder if he knows how popular he is!


    1. We make a fun fall one in kindergarten and after having 20 small kiddos do it, OVER. IT. Hahahahaha! Oh man, I just remembered that lesson and started to get a little nervous.


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