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Unboxing the Bento…What’s for Lunch!

Do I want to spend $30 on a bento box? Nope! Am I going to spend a lot of money on a lunch box for my kids? Nope! But guess what, my kids LOVE eating a little bit of everything and love what they call  “surprise lunches”. I thought I would share with you some of my kiddos lunches lately. Here is how I do it without a Bento box.

Also note, this is real life. My kids don’t eat too many veggies, and not for my lack of trying. I try to offer them a veggie at lunch and also a veggie at snack and dinner. Yes, we do goldfish crackers and sometimes boxed Mac-n-cheese.

Apples, grapes, cosmos (caramel corn puffs that you need in your life), turkey lunch meat, cheese, and almonds.

Popcorn, half a hot dog, triscuits, cheeze-its, mandarin oranges, bell peppers, turkey lunch meat, and reeses peanut butter cups.

Tortellini, marinara sauce, strawberries, cheeze-its, and marshmallows.

1/2 a granola bar, cheeze-its, grapes, cheese, carrots, and ham roll-ups (I put a little bit of cream cheese or mayo on the inside).

1/2 a sandwich, snap peas, wheat thins, grapes, 1/2 a granola bar, goldfish crackers.

S’more marshmallow, cheeze-its, popcorn, cucumber, pepperoni, peaches and raspberries.

Ham and swiss slider, cupcake goldfish, snap peas, popcorn chicken, cherries.

1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich, cheeze-its’, cantaloupe, graham crackers, and yogurt.

Pigs in a blanket, yogurt, apples, wheat thins, 1/2 a string cheese.

Cheese quesadillas, goldfish, cucumbers, and watermelon.

I have found that giving them plenty of selection really increases how much they eat and how excited they get to eat lunch. I have also found that they look forward to lunch the most because of the selection and how fun it is. As the school year gets closer, I would LOVE to know what lunch looks like at your house? What do you make for your kiddos lunches? Also, how do you encourage your kids to eat their veggies? Any secret tips?!?!?! Thank you so much!


27 thoughts on “Unboxing the Bento…What’s for Lunch!

  1. You know why I love this so much? I just bought 30 Bento boxes from Amazon on Prime Day and now I have so many ideas what to take in them!!! THANK YOU lovely lady!!

    1. How were the prices on your Bento boxes? Are they reusable? I have seen the black ones with the clear lids and thought about buying them but not sure if they would fit in my kiddo’s lunch boxes. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

    1. A Bento Box is a little lunch box that has a lot of compartments in it. They can be so spendy. I have a hard time thinking I would need to spend $60 on two. But they look really neat and useful and I wouldn’t go through so many containers and sandwich baggies during the school year. My kids gobble these up!

    1. They are yummy and I found them at Costco. They are a good little treat. I like giving them a little something sweet. Lunches like this have helped my son who always insists he “doesn’t like it” but will always eat it and ends up enjoying it because he doesn’t eat too much one thing. Dinner is another story 🙂

  2. That all looks SO good and now I’m starving!! I ended up buying Ella 2 of the Yumboxes! They are expensive but we use it every day and they hold up very well!
    When school starts back I plan to do a post like this as well!

    1. So maybe I should bite the bullet? I cannot wait to see what you pack in lunches. I need all the help I can get with this department! I love getting new ideas and so do my kiddos!

  3. Love! These are exactly the kinds of lunches my kids love and for that matter I could eat this way daily too!

    1. They LOVE them and I feel like they don’t get bored with the same things. They will actually eat the sandwiches because they aren’t getting them every day, plus I get to use up little leftovers in boxes. Win-win!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas! Everything looks so yummy. My girls are such picky eaters but are getting better with age.
    We bought Yumboxes last year and they were a really good investment. I don’t ever use any plastic bags anymore and the girls like all the different compartments for different things.
    The only thing is washing them every night but I don’t mind to do that.

      1. They fit in both of my girls’ lunch boxes that they already had. I would see where they wouldn’t fit in some kinds of lunch boxes though.

    1. Thank you! I love getting ideas and these lunches are EXACTLY what my kids love. I have been hearing great things about the Yumboxes. I might convert! Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!

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