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Show and Tell Tuesday: What’s On Your Phone


Hello! Today I am linking with Andrea for her Show and Tell Tuesday link-up. Today we are talking all about our phones! I have to be honest, my phone is not my favorite thing in the world. If you are a family or friend, you know that I do better with texts or Snapchat. Brandon constantly wonders why I even have a cell phone and so do I. Hahahaha! I take a lot of pictures with it, but other than that, if I lost it, I really wouldn’t miss it that much. #dontleavemeavoicemessage

With that being said, I think I do have a couple of really helpful apps that I do use, and maybe you might find a new one to try as well.

Facebook/Instagram/Pintrest/Snapchat…enough said

Wunderground…I am OBSESSED with checking the weather and this app is amazing! It is updated with local, home-based weather centers and you can see pictures of the weather, as well as road reports, and so much more. I LOVE this app. If you are a weather junkie, this is a great app to have. The forecasts are usually spot on as well!

Walmart…I love their Savings Catcher feature. I use it each time we go. I simply scan my receipt and they check for all the price differences and give me the money as an e-receipt to use. I like using this money for stocking stuffers or Christmas presents each year.

Starbucks…I love paying for my drinks with this app, getting stars for my next drink, and I also LOVE being able to find Starbucks when I am traveling. If there is one thing this Washingtonian is picky about it is coffee.

E-mails…I have my work and personal e-mails on my phone. I get e-mails from work at all times of the day so I like being able to respond to them quickly.

Every Dollar…If you are a Dave Ramsey fan then you know ALL about this app. We budget everything. Everything. This app has really helped change our conversations about money and finances. You do have to input all of your spending manually (which I think actually helps curb spending). If you budget, I HIGHLY suggest you get this app. Another helpful feature is you can just transfer each months budget over to the next month and quickly delete all the spending you don’t need for the next month, or easily add a new expense. This app could be a blog post all on it’s own!

Fitbit…I love that I can track my calories with this app as well as see how I am doing along with sending my friends “cheers”. I use my Fitbit app the most.

Waze…How did I live without this app for so long?!?!?! My Sister-in-Law showed me this app on our trip to Seattle and it is a life changer. It is just like Google Maps, but, it is constantly being updated by fellow Wazer’s. Need to know how to get to a place the quickest way? Waze will tell you. You can mark when roads are closed, where there are police out, when there is an accident, heavy traffic, animals in the road (hello small town) and when there are pot holes or other obstructions. I LOVE this app!

Headpace…My yoga instructor got me started on this app. This app is all about meditation and taking a few minutes out of your day to “just be and breathe”. The narrator’s voice is so soothing and relaxing. I use this app 3-4 times a week. It is always so relaxing.

Here is my next screen…

Couch 2 5K and the Nike app…Both of these help me track my running. I love the Nike app because I can just run and I get updated at each mile with my pace and mileage. I like that the coaches on both apps will speak through my music so I can hear them but not my music.

She Reads Truth…This app has a Bible, notes and bookmarks, music, plans, and lock screens.

Prankdial…Again, my Sister-In-Law (hi Jennifer!) and her husband got us started on this app. I have only used it once, but it was worth it! It is pre-recorded prank calls and allows you to hear and record what is happening on the other line. We called my parents and pranked them about their TV services and someone purchasing adult movies. It was SO GOOD and we will always have the recording.

PicCollage…Sometimes you just need to make a picture collage.

The other apps are very rarely used…one is for a lovely assessment the state of Washington has all kindergarten teachers do at the beginning of the school year (UGGGGHHHH) and the other is for a local car wash and rewards.

I also like to listen to a lot of music from my phone and our Bluetooth speakers…hence Pandora and my playlists…


Tell me, what are your can’t live without apps for your phone? What am I missing out on? What games do I need to add to my phone? When Candy Crush first came out I became addicted and didn’t know I was playing over our data usage and Brandon got a call from Verizon saying we owed over $900 because of Candy Crush if we didn’t update our data package.HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I have been super hesitant to download games on my phone ever since! So tell me, what am I missing out on?!?!?!



29 thoughts on “Show and Tell Tuesday: What’s On Your Phone

  1. My friend was just telling me about the Walmart app! Sounds cool! I don’t shop there often, but with Target Cartwheel getting a makeover, maybe they will add on something like that. I like Ibotta too for rebates. You can totally double dip in savings that way too.

  2. Lol I am giggling over that prank call app. Oh man I used to prank call all the time as a kiddo…. I guess kids don’t do that as much anymore, unless they know about this app that is! I am off to check out Headspace. I could use some of that in my life.

  3. We discovered Waze when visiting the Seattle area last summer – it’s a must have in traffic! Wunderground is something I will have to check out! We are huge Dave Ramsey fans! We took his class about 15 years ago, and it completely changed our financial life!

  4. Thanks for the tip on the weather app! I’m always looking for new weather app’s. I’m the same way with the phone – much prefer email and text!

    1. I love the weather app. I check it constantly. I would rather have a text or an e-mail, but calls don’t bother me too much. I don’t know why but voicemail drives me CRAZY! Hahahahaha!

  5. Cool post!!! I copy and do the same today (after linking your entry, of course).

    My favorite apps are, in no particular order: Music, LinkedIn, Runtastic, Full Fitness, and Fitbit

  6. Please do a blog post on that Dave Ramsey app – we have been on a 3 year journey with our budget and monitoring every dollar in and out but I use an old school excel spreadsheet. I tried another app and didn’t like it – too complicated LOL. I love couch 2 5 k and I think you got me started on the savings catcher! I loved your line about Washington and coffee…LOL! xoxo ERIN

    1. Everydollar is super simple, but it takes a little bit to get it set up. You just gotta love Dave. And being a non-coffee person in Washington would be CRAZY! Hahahaha!

  7. I just started using Every Dollar. I’ve done an Excel spreadsheet for budgeting for 10 years so we’ll see if I like it or not. So far I do.

    I use Pandora a lot! My stations, kid stations, Christmas for both me and the kids, stuff we all like, etc.

    I use a lot of money saving/couponing/rebate apps.

    1. I like Every Dollar a lot and I hope you like it as well. I use Pandora at home and in my classroom throughout the day. I like using the Kidz Bop station for my classroom and classical pop 🙂

  8. LOVE Waze! We use it on every road trip and even if we just have to travel across town, just to avoid traffic. Thanks for the heads up on Prankdial – that is totally something my kids would do to me!

    1. I love it for that reason too. I also love that it takes you on ways that avoid all the traffic. It might take you on a crazy way, but it usually saves a ton of time! 🙂

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