Meal Planning Sunday

Meal Planning Sunday #28



Sweet, sweet summer time! Our menu this week is filled with easy food that does not require me to use my oven because hello HOT!

SUNDAY- Chicken, Apple, Walnut, Grape Salad. I even got croissants for my kiddos to eat these on as a sandwich. I also use the already grilled chicken from Costco.

MONDAY- BLT Salad. I will use our grill to cook the bacon (in a foil lined cookie sheet-just make sure the foil goes up the sides pretty high so it doesn’t spatter over). We have cherry tomatoes from our garden that I will use as well.

TUESDAY- Spicy Hawaiian chicken burgers. I like using the chicken or turkey burgers from Costco and using pepper jack cheese and pineapple.

Summer meal - Spicy Hawaiian chicken burgers with pepperjack cheese and pineapple. Yes!!

WEDNESDAY- Grilled steak salads with balsamic vinaigrette.

THURSDAY- Left overs.

FRIDAY- Pizza Night! We LOVE grilling our pizzas! We haven’t had a pizza night in FOREVER! During the school year though it is every Friday.

SATURDAY- A.B.C.L.T. Sandwich- I seriously think we eat these close to every week during summer!DSC_0047

What is on your menu this week? Anyone else try not to use their ovens during the summer? And if you eat salads as a main course for dinner, what is your favorite?


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  1. Those ABCLT’s look great! Also, a little tip: poultry burgers are generally higher in cholesterol than pork. Try some pork burgers for the Hawaiian sandwich and I think you will be super excited at the flavor!

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