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Kids Summer Reading Club: A Girl’s Best Friend


Welcome back to our third link-up for the Kids Summer Reading Club! This month we read “Girls Best Friend” By Leslie Margolis.

Girl's Best Friend (Maggie Brooklyn Mystery Book 1) by [Margolis, Leslie]

What is Maggie’s secret?

“Maggie doesn’t tell her parents that she walks dogs, and she is also a secret detective.”

What is the name of the dog who was held for ransom?

“Kermit was held for ransom. It was Maggie’s ex-BFF’s dog and she was nice to help.”

Who did Maggie not suspect would be involved with the ransom?

“She thinks a lot of people could be involved. Milo, Cassie, Dr. Reese, Jane, she thought everyone was involved and looked at all of her clues.”

What does Maggie and her brother, Finn share?

“They have the same middle name (Brooklyn) and they share Birthdays’s because they are twins…duh!”

What are the noises in the walls of her apartment building?

“At first they thought it was mice or raccoons but it ended up being Isabel walking around in secret passageways.”

How old is Maggie and Finn?

“They are 12.”

Our next book will be from the Maggie Brooklyn series as well…Vanishing Act

Vanishing Acts (Maggie Brooklyn Mystery Book 2) by [Margolis, Leslie]Vanishing Acts Reading Questions


We hope you join us next month as well!


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    1. Thanks Heather! Maddi has loved these books. Great selection 🙂 I love this book club and how much it has motivated her to read this summer…I don’t even know if she knows she is doing homework 🙂

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