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Workin’ It Wednesday…Weekend Life

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We just wrapped up a fun weekend. Weekends during the summer look so different than weekends during the school year. During the school year we have sports and Birthday parties, errands, grocery shopping, house work, cleaning, and more cleaning. The weekends are busy. I was so glad to capture this slow-paced weekend.

Friday (pre-weekend) started with a nice run and a walk and my Nike app actually counted it at 3.3 miles and I tend to believe it more than my FitBit. Or should I be believing my FitBit more? Thoughts?


Friday was pretty laid back and we spent a lot of time inside trying to beat the 100+ degrees outside. That night Brandon’s parents came into town and brought Mack (a cousin) along with them. Since the temps were sooooo hot, they booked a hotel with a pool so we could all go swimming. Friday night we headed over to the pool.

Aint no party like a cousin pool party, cause the cousin pool party won’t stop.

We swam close to 10 PM. The kids were wiped.

Saturday morning started with a HUGE project and I had seven men to feed so donuts for the win!

The roof of our carport started sagging late last summer and the weight of all the snow we had this winter intensified the problem. The guys’ all hung this steel across for support. Now I get to paint it. I am BEYOND grateful for all the handy men in my life that can do this! #canIgetanamen

After the beam and post were installed we beat the heat and headed to the pool. We swam Saturday away.

We picked up pizza and ice cream and headed for home with everyone. Guy fell asleep in the car almost immediately. We ended Saturday catching up and the kids all played.

On Sunday this sweet little thing made me coffee.

My favorite part of summer mornings is watering my flowers and sipping coffee.

Guy and Maddi had a friendly push-up contest.

Sunday was so hot (another day of 105+ degrees) so we hung out inside and watched way too much TV, everyone took a nap, and then we finished our day with Big Brother.

Who is watching Big Brother? I have watched every season since it began and I really like this season so far. Cody came out of the gates running and I don’t like him, so I was really happy with this HOH competition. Thoughts on Cody? Thoughts on Big Brother this season?

I hope you had a great weekend. Do your weekends look different during the school year and during the summer?


24 thoughts on “Workin’ It Wednesday…Weekend Life

    1. It has been really HOT but this week has been in the 90’s. When it is that hot, we are either in the water or inside too. Mostly inside since we don’t have our own pool. πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

  1. A big yes to pooltime and donuts! Our weekends are definitely different in the summer and can I say I probably love them more, LOL! I hope you have a most Wonderful Wednesday beautiful lady!

    1. I love them more in the summer too! I love that I can focus on my family and not feel like I have to get done with all the things πŸ™‚ Have a great Wednesday Andrea!

  2. Pool time with cousins is the best! My girls are counting the days until they get to see their cousins. I have to admit I have never watched one episode of Big Brother. It looks interesting though. Our summer weekends are completely different than our our school weekends. I am actually looking forward to school starting because we can actually have a relaxing weekend.

    1. I love the routine of the school year. I always love summer but by August I am always looking forward to routine and activities (we have a football player this fall). Cousins are the best! I bet your girls are excited!

  3. Pushup contest, lol! LOVE it. I also love that she made you coffee. I need to train Marissa to do that too. She’ll heat it up for me if it gets cold… because it always gets cold, lol! Looks like a great weekend. Ours are VERY different in the summer too.

  4. Most definitely prefer the summer weekends to school year weekends! I started thinking last night about having to register for dance and soccer and signing my life away to kids’ sports soon! LOL! I never got into Big Brother but everyone who watches it is like you- a diehard who has watched since season 1! I’m more of a Bravo reality show kinda gal. Hope you all have a great end to this week!

    1. Ohhhhhh I LOVE me some BRAVO reality. I feel like I know those housewives…but would never want to vacation with them. Can you imagine?!?! Also, I feel your pain on the sports…I am in denial!

  5. Sounds like a perfect mix of fun and relaxation with fun family time too! My kids LOVE their cousins. We will see them this weekend :). xoxo ERIN

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