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10 Daily Habits

It’s one of my favorite link-ups hosted by one of my favorite persons-Erin from Perfectly Port!  The 10 on the 10th. This month we are talking about 10 Daily Habits. I cannot wait to see what everyone does during their days.

“How we spend our days, is of course how we spend our lives" ~ Annie Dillard

I thought it would be fun to share with you the 10 different daily habits I have in chronological order….


Coffee and blog reading…


Make my bed.



Workout. So during the school year I workout as soon as I get home from work, however, during the summer I get my workout in first thing in the morning. I love working out in the morning. My workout routine is to get in at least 5 workouts, this includes a yoga class one day a week and the rest are runs and walks.



Daily quiet time.


Unload the dishwasher. I like having it unloaded each morning, that way throughout the day I can load it without dishes piling up in my sink and then I simply run it at night during the final cleaning of the kitchen.



A few months ago I set a goal to drink 100 oz of water and I try to drink that much water each day.


We try to eat dinner each night at the table as a family. This is really important to me and that even means sometimes we would eat dinner at 4 in the afternoon before baseball and soccer games/practices. We shut the TV off and there are no phone calls during this time of day. It is my favorite time of the day. We pray together, eat together, give thanks together and talk about everything under the sun together.Home is wherever my bunch of crazies are  by OldBarnRescueCompany


Bike rides, side walk chalk, or just being outside together each day after dinner. We really try to spend some quality time outside during the nice weather. During the winter we play a lot of board games or card games together.



Before going to bed each night I like to clean my kitchen and start the dishwasher. I wipe down counters and sweep the floors. During the school year I also pack lunches during this time. Last week I hit a wall thinking all I do is clean my kitchen (breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/dinner/snack)…but I love a clean kitchen!



Brandon and I end each day with a funny show. Right now we are watching Friends, but we have also watched the entire series of The Office several times (it’s our favorite) and Everybody Loves Raymond. I love this time of day with a big mug of tea.


What are ten daily habits you have? Do you try to get your kids involved in them too? What habits do you have for just yourself?

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I am also linking with Heather and Johannah for their Hello, Monday link-up.



27 thoughts on “10 Daily Habits

    1. Enjoy each and every day Heather! Which I know you will! The end of summer break always makes me a little sad. I crave the routine and structure but I love the carefree days at home. Ohhhh lots of prayers and love to you!

  1. Oh my goodness y’all are so much like us it has left me laughing. Those funny shows you speak of, that is even us too! We have watched all of the above as well as Last Man Standing and Parks and Rec. we LOVED Parks and Rec. So fun to see that we have so much in common.

    1. I love seeing how much we have in common! We have been watching Last Man Standing too! I love that show. I have never watched Parks and Rec (what?!?!?!) but know I need to, I remember watching it right after The Office on TV when it first came out but I am pretty sure this granny fell asleep during it each time because it was past my bed time! Hahahaha! Have a great day!

  2. Great daily habits! I was with you last week on hitting the wall cleaning the kitchen. I felt like that was all I did all day, every day. Love your nail polish color in the tea picture. Have a great Monday!

    1. Ohhhhh I am so glad I was not alone with that! I just turned it to prayer and thanks for the struggle and I immediately had some peace in my heart to enjoy each moment of summer break because I will long for these summer days soon enough 🙂 I feel you though!

    1. It is my favorite to climb into a made bed after a long day. 🙂 I now cannot sleep very well in an unmade bed and the tighter the sheets, the better 🙂 You should try it! I would give up my blogging time to make sure my bed was made! Hahaha!

  3. If i could I would work out every morning, nothing better than feeling super accomplished first thing in the morning, but waking up at 4:15am for work doesn’t really allow much time to workout before hand, hehe. So night time it is…and yes to the dishwasher thing, us too!

    1. Ohhhh that would be really tough to get a workout in. During the school year I try to get my workouts in after school because mornings are crazy. But I love the morning workouts!

  4. Love the family time you make a priority for each night! So special. I love to watch an easy light-hearted show too at the end of night. Golden Girls is my go-to, haha!

  5. You know I love my daily mug of tea too!! Sorry..I loved that game, I wonder if the boys would still play? This was so much fun!!

  6. Love that you guys take time to spend time outside each day. I would like to get walks in during the school year but feel so rushed by sports, homework, reading, etc. Definitely want to put that on my to-do list for this next year!

    1. During the school year it can be so difficult but we really try even if it is just playing catch with the kiddos or passing a soccer ball for 20 minutes. Also, we lucked out last year with practices in a park so entertainment was built in!

  7. Oh my stars!!!! I was planning on joining the link-up and was reading through your 10 and I’m pretty sure we share the EXACT same 10 things!!! Almost in the precise order! From making the bed, to quiet time, to walks and funny shows to cleaning the kitchen last thing! Love it! Hope you have a great day! (Our funny show right now is Rules of Engagement!)

  8. How do you workout in the morning with your kids home? You said run and I wonder how you do that with the kids home. I have a stroller I throw Connor in but he complains so much, I have to make good use of our time.

    1. I get up super early to get it in (4:15/4:30ish) before my husband leaves for work. However, this only works in the summer when it is light outside. During the school year o have a treadmill and my husband is off work before me so I can usually go in the afternoon 🙂

  9. I agree I love having a tidy home to unwind in at the end of the day. You all are inspiring me to drink more water. I need to kick the pop habit once and for all – yikes. I also want to work out more. I struggle to get 3 days in! Thanks for linking up! xoxo ERIN

    1. I loved today’s prompt Erin! What a fun link-up you host! I look forward to it every month! I used to drink Pepsi every day and quit cold turkey and I didn’t miss it like I thought I would. Now my vice is iced coffee in the afternoons 🙂

  10. Yes to unloading first thing! I have to do that too, it sets the tone for my day when the dishes are put away and the dishwasher is ready to be loaded throughout the day. I just started making my bed and it was a game changer!

    1. There have been days/nights when the dishwasher doesn’t get loaded or ran and it just throws off my schedule. Is it a big deal? Nope, but it sure is nice! I like routine 🙂 Making the bed is so good isn’t it?!? I feel like my house is cleaner just with a made bed! Hahaha!

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