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A.B.C.L.T. Sandwich


Avocados. Bacon. Chicken. Cheese. Lettuce. Tomatoes. This sandwich is a dream come true! Packed with protein and fresh veggies, your family will swoon.

You will need:

2 boneless chicken breasts butterflied (filleted in half)
4 slices of deli cheese (I like using Colby-Jack)
1 pound of bacon, cooked. I like to bake mine at 375 for about 20 minutes.
2 avocados sliced
Tomatoes, sliced
Hamburger buns or Kaiser Rolls

Begin by butterflying your chicken breasts and pounding (I use a frying pan) them as thin as you can. I then season both sides with my favorite chicken seasoning.


You can either grill the chicken until done or bake the breasts. I like placing them on a baking sheet to grill them because they are so thin.

Assemble your sandwich toppings.


Assemble your sandwich.


Brandon and Maddi like dunking theirs in ranch dressing, Guy and I like ours dry. This is a simple supper that is perfect for a summer night.

From my kitchen to yours,




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