Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites…


A FAVORITE snack and side this week has been cherries and plums. Both are so yummy right now!

We had a play date at the park with some friends this week and the fountain is always a FAVORITE.

I saw this meme and busted up. It was a FAVORITE for sure!

Going to the library each week, checking out new books for the week and collecting our prize (this week it was pool tickets) has been one of our FAVORITE things to do.

One of my FAVORITE moments from the week was having a little ladies afternoon.

my circle is small. my tribe.

Going tot he Mariners game has been everyone’s FAVORITE memory from this summer so far.


The workout clothes at WalMart are a FAVORITE of mine. I love their capris, they don’t slide down, wash well, and fit great.


My FAVORITE pair of running shoes are my new Nikes that I bought at the Nike outlet this past weekend.

This weekend is going to be fun, we are going to kick start our 4th of July celebrations. What are your plans this weekend? I hope you have a great one!


32 thoughts on “Friday Favorites…

  1. Such a fun week! I’m not a big fan of plums and cherries but those look good! And your running shoes look awesome. Yay for reading programs and prizes. I think our local library waits to the end to do any prizes. Anyhoo, hope you guys have an awesome Fourth!

    1. Our library gives out weekly prizes and they are good…like a free Arby’s sandwich, a ticket to a pool, a fresh donut from a bakery…lots of good prizes to encourage weekly reading. It is such a fun motivator for my kids.

  2. Nothing is better than new running shoes, nothing. I have been a Brooks Ghost girl for a while now. wear one pair out and get another, always buying old models on clearance off whatever website has them cheapest. I loved the memes in this post one was so funny the other so sweet. Have an awesome weekend friend.

    1. New running shoes are the best! I also wait for clearance or any chance to go to the Nike store or employee warehouse. It helps having them close by! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Andrea! I usually go with bright shoes but I loved the details on the side. I also like that these match better with some of my workout clothes 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. They are so good and so cheap! I really like them and they have some cute stuff. I find it to be of the same quality as Old Navy. And you cannot go wrong with $5 tanks! Have a great weekend with your family!

  3. I love your new Nike shoes, the little details on the side are so fun!! I also love the workout clothes at Wal-Mart and you can’t beat the price. And the bill paying meme is hilarious and so true 🙂 I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

    1. WalMart has it going on with their workout clothes, and YES to the price! Seriously, I wish I could check a box that said if anyone offers to pay my bill (stranger or not) let them! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  4. Omg that meme is so spot on! Why do they ask for all that info?! If someone else would like to pay thats fine by me haha I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  5. Love all the fresh fruits and veggies this time of year! I don’t run…lol but i do love those new Nikes!! have a great weekend!

  6. I love Walmart exercise clothes. They are so cheap and I think they last just as long as the more expensive brands. Have a happy 4th!

  7. Okay…you are like the 3rd person I’ve seen talking about Walmart workout clothes…I’ve gotta check them out! Hope you have a super weekend!

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