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Home Tour Tuesday

Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday and today is one of my favorites. It is the home tour edition.


Welcome to my home!

For a peek at my living room, you can click here.


And to see our Kitchen click here.


Our Man Cave is here. Can you guess how it is decorated?


And if you would like to peek inside of our guest room you can click here.


Our Master Bedroom Tour is here.


You can also tour our yard!


To see how I decorate for 4th of July, click here.


And to see our halls decked for Christmas, click here.


I am so excited to see everyone’s homes today. I hope you have a great day.



22 thoughts on “Home Tour Tuesday

    1. Thank you Britt! I try really hard to have a welcoming space for people 🙂 That is the best compliment I could hear!


    1. Thank you Allie, my husband made it for me. I love that I can give him my visions and he makes them a reality. 🙂 I want to do a wall of shiplap this winter and thankfully he is on board!


    1. Thank you! It went from being 60/70 and cloudy to 90+ overnight and now some of them are drying up! I am babying then and hoping they pull through!


    1. Thank you Trista! We inherited the counter tops when we moved in 🙂 I want to re-do our kitchen at some point….do you have a money tree I could use?


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