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Weekend Recap…Mariners Game Edition

Happy Monday. We are on the struggle bus today after a super fun weekend away. I am linking up with Johannah and Heather and sharing our weekend.

Friday the kiddos finished basektball camp and we hit the road. Our drive was so pretty and the canola is always my favorite. Although the farmer likes his wheat fields. We saw lots of swathing and bailing hay too which kept Guy entertained.

Our drive over became a little interesting when we heard that our interstate was jam packed with traffic and it was pretty much a stand-still so we decided to go over another mountain pass which would add an hour to our drive. We didn’t mind though because it was so pretty. We stopped at some neat scenic rest stops.

And the kids were really excited and intrigued by Mount Rainer. Maddi said “Wow, I have never been exposed to a volcano before”. Little did she know, we have driven by this mountain tons of times, I just don’t think we have gotten this close or pointed out the fact that it is a volcano.

Brandon’s sister lives near Seattle so we spent time at her house and the kids and cousins played outside all day Saturday.

Then it was time to leave for the game. We had the fun bus!

Safeco Field is always SO beautiful and on this day it was just as amazing and the weather was perfect. The shade came quickly and we had the best seats. Not only that, but we went to the game with Brandon’s parents, his grandpa, and his sister and our nieces. It was so much fun going together.

Even though the M’s lost (to Houston) we still had a GREAT time! I hope you had a great weekend!


31 thoughts on “Weekend Recap…Mariners Game Edition

  1. Looks like you picked a good weekend to go to Seattle. Heard they have been having some awful weather lately! We used to live in North Bend- miss it so much!

    1. We have been having SO MUCH RAIN! And it has been cold too. It was nice having a heat wave and it looks like it is here to stay. I love that you used to live in North Bend. We stopped by the outlet malls yesterday on our way back through. I love that Nike store 🙂

  2. Aaaahhhhh!!!! Love it. I almost moved to Tacoma once, there is a little fun Beth fact. I even took a couple trips out that way, it is beautiful. Looks like you had such an amazing weekend. I’ll pray that Monday is kind to you.

    1. Too bad you didn’t move out here! 🙂 I am so small town that I am always happy to get home and get away from all of the traffic! 🙂 I always like getting to visit though! I hope you have a great week!

    1. It was such an intense end to the game so it was fun to watch, I was just glad it wasn’t a blow out. 🙂 Hope you are having fun on your trip! I can’t wait to hear about it.

  3. Looks like a “ball”!!! Love seeing those happy sun shiny faces!! Have a peaceful and great start to your week!!

  4. So fun – we cannot wait to go to Seattle at Thanksgiving. We aren’t Mariner fans but you know we love the Seahawks…we are loyal to the Twins, Cubs and Royals ;). xoxo ERIN

  5. Ok I’m so happy I found your blog!! When I would click on your profile then click on your blog name it wouldn’t take me anywhere so I couldn’t find you LOL. Anyway! I have lots to catch up on 🙂 What a fun weekend and wow those views!!!! I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle!

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