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S’more Loving: An Indoor S’More Bar


We LOVE S’mores around this place. Love them. Summer and fall, you can bet a special treat is s’mores. The weather has been a little cranky here in Washington and while s’more outside has not been ideal, s’mores inside is always a good idea.

Here is what you will need to set up your station.


I used rocks to anchor the ethanol cans into a sturdy dish (I like using my pyrex pan) but be careful not to chip your glass. I also used long, metal skewers for the s’more sticks.

The great thing about Ethanol is that it is food safe. I picked up these little cans from WalMart in their wedding/party planning isle. They are also extremely cheap!


I placed the cans of ethanol in my pyrex and then situated the rocks around the cans as an anchor.


I put out all of our favorite toppings and assisted the kids in roasting their marshmallows. We talked about safety before ever lighting the cans.



Nothing beats a traditional s’more….


EXCEPT a s’more made on Ritz crackers with a Reeses Peanut Butter cup! That is where. it. is. at.

DSC_0014 - Copy

And look at my cute little helpers who had so much fun!


And a blast from the past because we love s’mores so much!

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What are your favorite s’more combos? Do you like the traditional or a different kind? I would love some new ways to make them!


22 thoughts on “S’more Loving: An Indoor S’More Bar

    1. Ohhhhhhh Misty, I LOVE both ideas and will try both soon! My mom is going to flip out over the Rolo one…so am I! Thanks for sharing!


  1. I have always wanted to have a s’mores bar party! I have never tried a s’mores with a Ritz cracker but it sounds amazing! One s’mores combination that I have wanted to try is using a chocolate chip cookie (instead of the graham cracker), Hershey bar, and marshmallow.

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  2. I have heard of this idea before and always thought it was so cute. I REALLY need to do it. My girls are begging for s’mores. My favorite it always to use nutella instead of chocolate bars.


    1. It is a lot of fun! It works perfect for those rainy summer days, or even the days when it is too hot to go outside!


    1. The Ritz cracker one is my favorite. I am excited to try some new combinations this weekend as well. I will keep you posted!


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