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Workin’ it Wednesday: Keeping the Kids Entertained

Today I am linking up with Erika to talk about how I keep my kids entertained through the summer. Nothing here is going to be earth shattering and new, but I do have one shocking revelation to make…

I put my kids tablets in the closet in April and guess what? They haven’t asked for them since. This summer is tablet free. I don’t know if I will be kicking myself one day this summer (because sometimes it is nice to have them zone out to those random videos of kids opening surprise eggs and other random toys) but I am determined to make it all the way through without a tablet. We can do it! So instead of screen time this is how we are spending our days…

Summer Schedule

Not every day is spent like this, but most days are. My kids and I do really well with a routine and this one works for us. We like getting out of the house in the morning and hitting up the pool, the movies, play dates, library, whatever it may be in the morning and then coming home for lunch. After lunch I let the kids watch some TV for about an hour and then we go outside to play in the water. We are outside most of the day.

One thing that we love doing is something special each day. That does not mean it has to cost money. Today we are staying home but they are going to get the bunch-a-balloons out to throw at each other for the first time this summer. Simple and easy but special to them.

Other ways we keep entertained around here include…

-Beach Days-

There are no schedules on beach days!

-Fun Events-

-Playing at the Park-

This takes little to no planning. Sometimes we just go on a whim.


This summer I am taking my kids on adventures and exploring our town more. This includes different pools.

-Theme Parks-


Sometimes we like to beat the heat and go to the mountains. This picture was taken at the end of June and as you can see, there is still a snow pack. Getting out of town on a little adventure is always fun even if it is not over night.


-Bucket List-

Here is a peek at our Summer Bucket List for 2017


And my friend Erin shares some really great insight on Bucket Lists in this post. You should check that out ASAP! I love her words on how it is not a competition and fostering a heart for gratitude in the season.


We do not get crazy about camps. My kids are going to a basketball camp this summer and that is it. We savor a free schedule in the summer and they each picked out one camp to attend and are looking forward to it.


I am going to allow my kids to get bored this summer. So many times we are go-go-go. I had an eye-opening conversation with a 5 year old student this year. One of my students in class blurted out that they were bored and one little boy responded “if you are bored then you have a weak mind”. That has stuck with me. I know he was repeating what his parents have said, but boredom creates creativity and sparks imagination. It is alright if my kids get bored. They can figure out a way to entertain themselves.

this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link:

How do you keep your kids entertained throughout the summer? How do you give a little something special each day? I hope you have a great day, and I hope I was able to help a little with keeping your kids entertained this summer.


20 thoughts on “Workin’ it Wednesday: Keeping the Kids Entertained

    1. The funny part about this schedule is that we just naturally fell into it a couple of years ago and my kids love it. It has helped so much. They know exactly what to expect. Unless we throw the schedule out for the day, those days are pretty fun too!

    1. I love the library! Not only is it free, but they have the best programs that keep kids interested. I am all about the schedule, but then some days we just ignore it. It is funny how we prey much revert right back to it 🙂

  1. So many memories to be made! That pic of Guy in his scuba gear, so stinkin CUTE! Makes me want to put my slippers on and swim with him! Loved having snacks outside with the boys. 😉

  2. I especially love your daily schedule and am in awe that you put the tablets away. We are trying to do a whole lot less around here and I am now contemplating a tablet free week! I pinned that daily schedule – love it 🙂 xoxo ERIN

    1. I think it must be the teacher in us! Everything seems to run smoother around here with one and I don’t hear as many “what are we doing today’s”. Getting out of town is the best!

  3. Your last paragraph about boredom… spot on, girl! These days parents seem to shuffle their kids from dance to soccer to piano to boy scouts or whatever and it seems that kids get NO downtime whatsoever. B and I are adament about letting our kids be kids… to let them get bored, to let them just play in the back yard, and to not have to be rushed around from appointment to appointment like adults. They’ll have the rest of their lives to do that! We are going to finally put Jacob in soccer in the fall, but we’re thinking one extracurricular activity at a time is enough for now!

    And it’s funny, becuase I just had a convo with my mom the other day and I told her that I just don’t understand HOW people can get bored. If I had all the time in the world I would never be bored… there’s just too much that I like to do. I think I could keep myself busy forever!

    1. Hi Lindsay, thank you so much! We also have a one sport per season rule and it has worked out well. The kids were each in activities from the beginning of September through the end of May, but it was great because we were not that overwhelmed. I have struggled with giving my kids down time. I think this day in age it is really easy to see everyone else doing “everything” and feeling like you need to keep up as well. Soccer has been so good for my kids. I bet Jacob will love it. It is so much fun to see your kids doing what they love and I am so excited that you will get to experience that!

  4. Love your list of ideas! I also love that you added being bored. It is totally okay and healthy to be bored. Kids need to understand that.

    1. Thank you Beth. I agree, I think it is easy now with social media to feel like you need to go-go-go and do all the things but being bored and having down time is just as important. I remember how many fun games we would come up with as kids when we were “bored”. Kids need to learn to entertain themselves!

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