10:10 {June 2017}

This is a fun 10:10 because it was our second day of summer break. We had rain, sunshine, and more rain during the day and really enjoyed our time at home on this Saturday. I love weekends in the summer, I have little to do (which is a stark contrast during the school year-Saturday and Sunday is for all the work to get done). Also, I realized that our laundry situation is OUT. OF. CONTROL. during the summer. My kids change so many times during the day. Anyone else’s?

My favorite part of each morning is sipping my coffee and checking/watering my garden. No water today because of all the rain lately.

I went on a run. I have loved getting my workouts in during the early morning hours.

When I got home from my run I cut up a big watermelon to snack on all weekend.

I mopped my kitchen and bathrooms.

The kiddos played play-dough outside…AMEN!

Maddi was at the neighbors house so Guy and I baked some cookies. Homemade cookies on a rainy Saturday are perfection.

The rain cleared and the kids rode their bikes…and played in the mud.

After a quick outfit change we went out to dinner. Chinese food for the win!

And my fortune.

We ended the night watching our favoriteΒ  movie…

What did you do this weekend? I hope you had a great one. We are so excited for our first official week of summer break. What are your must-do’s for the first week of break? Any fun traditions? We are looking forward to hanging out and not having much of a schedule and limited commitments.


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26 thoughts on “10:10 {June 2017}

  1. No way, as I am reading your post, I am eating on some watermelon chunks! I try to have fruit for breakfast every morning and I’m all out of berries so watermelon it is! I love seeing those mountains behind you on your runs. Wish I could go for a run with you and see all your beautiful scenery through your eyes! Happy Monday beautiful lady.

    1. Watermelon is one of my favorite breakfasts in the summer time πŸ™‚ I take the mountains for granted. I just imagine everyone having them all around. Hahaha! I do love being able to run next to a river and have all the scenery, it makes for a good time while working out. Have a happy Monday Andrea!

  2. I am so jealous of your nice and relaxing weekend. I feel you pain with the laundry situation. I am pretty sure my kids change twice everyday and feel the need to use two pool towels each everyday!I need to go buy the new Beauty and the Beast movie. I love that movie!! Have a great Monday!

    1. I know, the laundry situation is crazy around here. Brandon told me to charge them 50 cents each time they change. Hahaha! That may slow them down. The towel situation is also out of control around here. Happy Monday!

  3. Reason #1047352638495 why I love summer break…I really want to watch the new Beauty and the Beast but no one else in the house wants to (boys!) so this afternoon during nap/rest time I’m going to watch it! Guilt free afternoon movie watching for the win!

      1. Yes, both of my girls have chores they complete. I have a checklist of stuff they must do daily, and then there are certain chores that are extra they can earn money for doing. My oldest rarely does anything extra, but my youngest loves to help me!

  4. Sounds like the perfect Saturday if you ask me! The girls and I (mostly I) need to watch Beauty and the Beast again. It was so good. Hope you are enjoying your first official summer Monday!

  5. We are on a big watermelon kick here at the Hensley house, and there is always, always room for homemade cookies & Chinese food. Those are 2 of my favorite things forever!! The 10th looked like a GREAT day!!

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