Fit-Fluence {May 2017}

Hi! It has been awhile since I have shared with you all an update on my weight loss/working out. Slowly but surely I am making progress….

Progress Pics…

Me in January…


Me in May…

Weight loss…

I am down 3.5 pounds in May making my total weight loss 16 pounds. Keep reading…I had to overcome  a pretty big gain a few weeks ago.


  • I want to lose 20 pounds before the end of August.
  • Workout 5 x a week including running and a yoga class.
  • Start training for a race and look into fall races.

Summer is always a hard time for me. It seems like anywhere I look there is parties and celebrations. This month I want to focus on eating healthy and limiting my snacks. I also want to limit my alcohol. I love a cold beer on our patio in the evening. This will be a challenge, but I know I can do it. I am going to make sure our house is stocked with healthy snacking options.


Workout Motivation: I have goals Damnit! If this isnt the truth. 3 months have passed and I am truly thanking myself and my God for helping me persevere.:

MOTIVATION! Time to get back into this mindset.:


I started out strong in May with running and working out. I don’t know why, but I always gain weight when I start running consistently. I went up 7 pounds the first week back to running and then another 3 pounds the following week. However, by keeping consistent with running and eating I am down all 10 pounds plus an additional 3.5. Does anyone else gain weight when they start working out? What causes that? Now I am back to running consistently and looking forward to getting out in the morning.

What I’ve been eating…


Lunch has been cottage cheese and pineapple. I get this cottage cheese from Costco and it has 13 grams of protein in one serving.

Snacks have consisted of cucumber slices, carrot sticks, or banana chips. I also like to have either walnuts or almonds.

If you have a Costco nearby look for this salad kit. It is SOOOOO good and pairs nicely with BBQ.

Thanks for reading today. Is summer a tough time for you to keep your eating and nutrition on track? Do you gain weight when you up your workout intensity? What do you eat fuel your body?


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14 thoughts on “Fit-Fluence {May 2017}

  1. Summer is the easy time for me to keep weight off. I don’t get hungry like I do in the other seasons – we can blame this southern humidity on that! I also steer clear of “man made food” LOL! Our diet is mainly fruit, veggie, and a little bit of protein. Try to count your sugar/carbs and I bet you can reach your goal a little easier! I’m so proud of you!!!

    1. Do you have a good way to track/count sugar and carbs? I need some suggestions! One of my down falls is the fact that I am home in the summer, during the school year I pack my lunches and snacks so I don’t have a choice, so this year I am really going to kick the “man-made stuff” out and keep good stuff around. I love all the fruits and veggies this time of year, but also Malibu rum! Hahaha!

    1. Thank you Beth. When the scale kept going up I was a little discouraged. I knew it was going to happen so that helped a little and I just kept on keepin’ on. I am really excited to get my workouts in during the morning over summer. Hopefully that helps me make good decisions throughout the day 🙂 Thank you for your encouragement!

  2. Wow you are such an inspiration and your honesty is so heartwarming and encouraging to everyone around you. Way to go momma. Keep sharing your journey with us – I love it 🙂 xoxo ERIN

  3. I love that you are focused on bigger goals … like losing 20 by August. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the every day loses but if you think of the bigger picture, you will love what you’ve accomplished when you look 3-6 months from now.

    1. That is how I am feeling Stephanie. I know 20 pounds is a big goal, but it is helping me focus 🙂 I am excited to see what happens in the next few months. Thank you for your support!

  4. WOW you are doing an amazing job!! I understand the struggle with gaining weight when you up your workouts. That is one of my biggest frustrations!! I know that you can totally reach your goal of losing 20 pounds by August!

    1. Thank you Jessica! It is so frustrating to be working out so hard and then have a huge gain. I am happy to have a bigger goal throughout the summer to keep me on track. 🙂 I hope I can crush it!

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