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Friday Favorites…Super Random Edition{6/2/17}


Today I am linking with Andrea, Erika, and Narci to share my favorites from the week. Usually I make a numbered list. This week, the goodness just kept coming in.


On Tuesday our PTO had rented out the local water park and the elementary students went on a little field trip. I got to take Guy. He has been waiting for this day ever since his sister was in kindergarten and it was finally his day! Maddi was WAY too cool to stop and get a picture taken by her Mama!

Another favorite from Tuesday was spending some one-on-one time with Guy. He was playing some math games on the computer but he loved getting a day of mom’s attention, and I loved having him all to myself, even if it was in my classroom.


One of our FAVORITE dinners in the summer time is CPKs BBQ Chicken Pizza. It is always so yummy and the cilantro makes it taste really fresh! My kids and hubby love this.


Games have been a FAVORITE around here this week as well.


Fidget spinners are not my favorite, but they are my students’ FAVORITE. This week I did an activity that one of my students named “Winner Winner Beat the Spinner”. I would spin the fidget spinner and they had to write down as many numbers or sight words before the spinner stopped. It was such a hit and the kids were really engaged.


My first harvest from the garden was a FAVORITE as well. Four lovely radishes with more to come soon. Also, my squash plants are starting to produce little sprouts and I have a mini flower on my zucchini plant, my tomatoes are coming on. Fresh produce from my garden is a favorite.


Mama’s, pay attention to this quick and fun idea for the summer. My class won a party for bringing in the most Box Tops so the PTO brought in Rainbow Floats. Rainbow Sherbert and 7-UP. It was such a big hit. I am planning on making this with my own kiddos this summer. They will love it.

This weekend we have graduation parties, Guy’s last baseball game, plus Brandon’s mom and Grandpa are coming into town. We have a fun and busy weekend ahead. What are your plans for the weekend? I hope it is a good one for you!




12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites…Super Random Edition{6/2/17}

  1. What a great idea to use the fidget spinner to your benefit. As soon as I heard about them, I instantly felt bad for teachers everywhere. They seem like they would be such a distraction to have in class. Fresh produce straight from the garden always tastes the best. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Hi Jenny, I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! If you can’t beat them, join them with the fidget spinners. I did tell my class that if I saw any I would take them. Hahaha! I have a desk full of Pokemon cards that I have confiscated this year and so I know they believe me 🙂 Ha!

  2. So get this, my college boys are crazy about those fidget spinner’s. I actually think they are kind of into the latest fads and they just are twirling twirling watching TV. Hilarious. Guy looks so cute in his little yellow tank! Bring on summer and fresh veggies! Happy weekend beautiful!

    1. That is so funny about your boys and the fidget spinners. The other night we were watching TV after the kids went to bed and Brandon was spinning one as well and we were laughing. If you can’t beat them, join them 🙂

    1. I love our PTO! 🙂 However, I saw your post about the food trucks and that just raised the bar! You guys ROCK! Hope you had a great weekend with your family and enjoyed your first weekend of summer!

  3. Love that fidget spinner game!!! It could be modified for any grade and subject I believe. Also, will definitely have to do rainbow floats, my girls would love them!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hope you had a great weekend with your family Jen! The fidget spinner game worked really well. I think I am going to try it at home this summer with my kiddos to keep up the learning. I am excited to introduce my kiddos to rainbow floats this summer too. Happy Monday!

  4. Rainbow floats, love it. Emily hates root beer, but this would be right up her alley. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend friend!

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