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June Goals and May’s Recap

The other day I read this article, How to Get What you Want and WOW! If you have two minutes check it out, but at least bookmark it and come back to it. I love Tony Robbins, he is my guru. Talk about an important and powerful message about the importance of setting goals. I keep referring back to this article. And it keeps reminding me about what I do want and how I am going to get it. Goals are so important, no matter how small or great.

Here are my goals from May and a quick re-cap…


  • Confirm and establish schedule, summer plans, activities, and appointments. Done and done. The kids are signed up for basketball camp, we created our Summer Bucket List, and we have made all of our plans as well as left a lot of time for spontaneous plans to fall into place.
  • img_5882
  • Clean the carport and get new welcome mats. The carport is cleaned as well as patios. I did not get any welcome mats because I could not find any that screamed my name. I am on the look out.
  • Wash outside windows. This chore is done. I like using a teaspoon of each of the following products and hot water with a squeegie. I also like drying the windows with newspaper.
  • img_5879
  • Stock up on good summer reads for the kids. We had a BOGO Free Book Fair at the beginning of the month and the kids got some great books to encourage summer reading. I also want to start reading the Harry Potter series with them this summer as well.
  • img_5695

Now for my June goals…

  • Finalize vacation/trip plans. We are going on two trips this summer and I am excited for both. I need to do a little research on one place we are visiting so we don’t miss out on anything. Does anyone know much about Bend or Sun River Oregon? Any suggestions or must-see’s while we are there?
  • Clean kitchen cupboards. But seriously, I think this was a goal of mine for two months and it never got done during the school year.  I am determined to get this DONE because it is hanging over me like a dark cloud. Ha!
  • Take kids to 2 new places around town. Summer means exploring and even though we live in a relatively small town there is so much to explore. I want to get out and have adventures with Maddi and Guy this summer and explore new parts of our town.
  • At least 5 workouts a week. I am bound and determined to up my workouts and get my mind back in the game. I am ready to kick up my running and I will actually have time to get in a decent yoga practice daily and then continue to take my class once a week. I guess a yoga goal of mine will be to do a Chaturanga Dandasana by the end of summer.

It might not look like much, but people just sort of levitate off the ground during this. Meanwhile I just literally fall to the ground! Ha!

  • Look into domains and transferring posts. I feel like it is time to start looking into this and I will actually have time to do so. I am pretty excited to see what happens next with this little space. Any advice? I would love to hear any advice or tips and tricks!
  • Unplug for 1 complete day. No phone, no facebook, non istagram. AHHH!

What are your plans for this month? What are your goals for the month? I would love to hear!



18 thoughts on “June Goals and May’s Recap

  1. Unplugging is so freeing!!!! Do it girl, maybe more than one day. Eek. I always wash all my windows in May, feels like Summer can finally start when the windows are clean!! I always love reading your goals!! xo

    1. Thanks Andrea! I love starting summer with clean windows too. It’s amazing how much a window clean can brighten up your home. I wash them pretty much monthly from here until November-ish and then it’s just too cold. Have a great day!

  2. Where are your progress pictures, little miss? What in the world are you going to do with your bloggy poo? Totally change it up? Your to do list looks fun – even the cupboard part but ya know I get paid to do that so….of course I would say it looks fun! (Stupid, right?) XOXOXO

    1. I know my cupboards need to be a goal because I am dreading that one the most and have put it off since around January! Hahaha! It needs done yesterday. I will post progress pics next week 🙂 I don’t think I will change much up, but I do want to change my heading at some point and get a www. 🙂

    1. No Instastories….whhaaa. Ha! I am going to shut my phone off completely and stick it in my room. I am kind of excited for this. But it is going to be so hard. My phone is such a habit. I hope you have a great Thursday!

  3. Ohhhhh – I can’t wait to hear about the domains and transferring posts (the latter sounds terrifying)! 🙂 I finally joined the domain club a month or so ago. And, I will be responding to your email soon. I am so glad I have a new blog for my reading list!

    1. Thank you Adrienne. Was getting the new domain overwhelming? I think I keep putting it off because I am overwhelmed thinking about and not very “techie”. And by not very, I mean ctl+alt+delete is my go-to fix for every problem! HA!

  4. Aaahhhh domains are so fun! I remember when I got mine I felt so legit, lololol! Great work on your goals last month! I have no doubts that this month will bring more great things.

  5. I have been disconnecting to social media on Sundays and it has been SO good! I am on blogger so no help with wordpress BUT There is so much info out there. Most people recommend bluhost for domain hosting….that’s all I got ;). I am in a class and they keep telling me to move to wordpress but yikes I have SO much to transfer…so I am just not sure! xoxo ERIN

    1. I am with you Erin. I feel overwhelmed with all the information. But I just need to bite the bullet. I have heard of Bluhost so I need to check them out. Which class are you taking? Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I can’t wait to see the recap 🙂

  6. This is great! I love your handwriting! 🙂 And I love the idea of goals. I swear I make a do-list at least once a week. It feels great to see it all on paper and even better to cross stuff off. I also always forget what I need to do so a list helps me! Can’t wait to see if you get it all done… good luck! XOXO -Bri
    Bri | Lifesyle + Travel

    1. Hi Brianna, I feel the same way about lists. I love writing them out, but crossing things off feels even better. If I hand-write the list it seems to get done. Thanks for stopping by!

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