Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites {5/26/17}

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope you have a great weekend and take time to remember those who have gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Yesterday we had Kindergarten Graduation. I was not only a teacher helping put on the production, but a parent. Oh. My. Goodness. Emotion overload. I may have came home, laid on the couch, fallen asleep,  and made frozen mini tacos for dinner because well some times I like to keep it classy.

My best friend and (and team teacher Tara) and I made this last year and it bears repeating again…


Guy performing was a favorite this week. He did SO good! All the students did so good! We were so proud of our boy. Maddi’s teacher even brought her over to the program.

Guy was front and center in the top row. He actually sang and did the movements.


My mom and Brandon were both able to make it so I snapped a picture of the happy little graduate.


We were so proud of our boy.


And I could not have asked for a BETTER teacher for my boy. Seriously, Tara let’s the boys be boys but also teaches them so much. She has brought out the absolute best in Guy and he has learned so much. He is reading and doing math like a champ, he loves school and investigating and has so much confidence. I cannot say enough about this wonderful lady!


We have a slide show at the end of our songs and we also give each student a certificate and ask the students tell us what they want to be when they grow up. Guy said he wanted to be in the Army so he could help people. My heart exploded.


I washed my outside windows this week and they look so good. They look so good that two birds have flown into the windows and now I have to re-wash them. Ha! But seriously, this is the best window washing mix. I use a teaspoon of each of these and hot water with a squeegie. No streaks, no spots, just shine!


It's amazing how kids can pay for this and not a lab!:

But seriously! And look what happened to come home with both of my kiddos yesterday…

Maddi went on a field trip and they were giving away free fidget spinners. Thank you so much, just what every  parent and teacher wants. #saidnooneever I guess it could be worse, they are quiet.


We made our Summer Bucket List and cannot wait to start crossing things off!



I need your help! How do you organize wet swimsuits and towels in the summer? What do you do with them? I am fighting a losing battle and want my house back. Where do you keep them? Do you organize them outside in a way? My kids put them in bathroom sinks all over and leave the towels on the floor by the door. Hahahaha! I NEED HELP!

I hope you have a great weekend ahead. Thank you for reading today!


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14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {5/26/17}

  1. Kindergarten graduation is always so sad. I’m pretty sure I cried at both of the girls graduations. I hope to be able to put together our summer bucket list this weekend. And I feel your pain with the problem of wet towels and swimsuits. I have found something on Amazon that I hope to order that will help with this problem.

  2. Oh my gosh YOU must be exhausted sweet lady! We are so thankful for you and all the teachers that work SO hard! Thank you! Also I wash our swimsuits when we get home from the pool on the quick cycle in our washer (like 20 minutes). I hang the towels out on our deck to dry and every few days I wash them. Not sure that is helpful but that’s what we do. 🙂 I also have a wet bag that I put in our swim bag so that we can get things home without a sopping mess! xoxo ERIN

  3. Lololol that meme is hilarious. We have one of those octopus hang dryers from IKEA. It’s pretty much amazing. Happy weekend friend.

  4. Aweee! Do you guys have stained glass in your school? I saw that in a picture and was like – whoa! Private school? Or are y’all that classy? I’ll just scoot over because yeah this place doesn’t offer anything that nice LOL! Fidget spinners have not made their way to my home and will not make their way to my home. The whole idea just pisses me off!!! Love your meme and I think you’re pretty fabulous – so go rock this weekend (Monster Cookies and all!) xo

    1. Oh goodness, no stained glass in the school. We had the graduation at the old church that is now “the community center”. With folding chairs and a mouse smell! Hahahahaha! I wouldn’t scoot over! LOL! I am happy this trend hit so close to summer…here parents, here are your lovely fidget spinners! Ha!

  5. Sweet Guy on his graduation. So sweet.
    The bathing Suit/towel is a real struggle. I feel like all I ever do is wash them bc I can’t stand them hanging around. HA.

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