Our Caribbean Cruise

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Last summer my little family of four went on our most favorite trip EVER. We decided to go on a Caribbean cruise and it was the best time.

We landed in three ports, Honduras, Belize, and Mexico. It was a seven day cruise and that was the perfect amount of time. We have already booked our next cruise (for next summer) and are so looking forward to it.

WARNING…there are approximately 1,000 pictures in this post so grab yourself a cup of coffee and come along…


Our first port was Isla Rotan and when I look back on this trip I always think of this day first. We unloaded and then jumped on a chair lift.


The chairlift dropped us off at our own private cabana with air conditioning, shade, drinks, food, and all the beach toys, hammocks and lounge chairs a person could dream of.


Guy and I spent most of our time by the water or in the water.


While these two relaxed in the shade like bosses.


We explored town for a bit as well.



We have no pictures of Belize, but we did walk around town and explore a bit and then got back on the boat early and swam in the pools and enjoyed the day on board. That night we dressed up for dinner. Our waiters were amazing. They remembered what the kids drank and would have their drinks ready. They knew that I would like a cappuccino with my dessert and would have it ready to go with my dessert, and they knew that Brandon liked a cold Miller Lite. They also memorized how we liked our steaks prepared and were just absolutely wonderful. They knew that Guy liked extra french fries and that Maddi liked her ice cream and made us feel so special. The last night at dinner they sang a song and Guy cried and hugged each one of them.


We also went to several shows on board. Our favorite was the Summer Love one, it was 50’s music and 3-D. They also would fill the air with different aromas like hibiscus flower, popcorn, and other scents that went along with the show.


Our favorite day happened in Mexico.




We had unlimited drinks and food as well. I highly suggest Isla Pasion if you ever port in Cozumel. After our time at the beach we walked around town and explored. We bought some great hot sauce, the kids bought dream catchers, and we all ended up with a trinket or three. 🙂


We had the best time on this trip and cannot wait to go on another cruise.


I am excited to see and read about everyone’s favorite trips and travels. It was a lot of fun to reminisce about such a fun and special time with my family. Where has your favorite trip been? Did you take your kids? Do you like traveling with your kids or would you rather leave them behind? Are you a “relaxer” or a “go-er” on vacation? I would love to hear!


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16 thoughts on “Our Caribbean Cruise

  1. This was fun! Thank you for sharing your pictures. We’ve always been “goers” on vacation and try to see all there is to see traveling from place to place. But after our last 5,800 mile cross country trip (cause we are land lovers and always drive) we’ve decided the next big trip is gonna be a relaxer. We’ll go to one place and stay there the entire time!

  2. We’ve talked about a cruise but never done it! looks like ya’ll had a great time!!
    I also signed up for your mom summer exchange….I haven’t blogged in FOREVER….but I IG with the best of them!! LOL

  3. This looks like such fun! We did our first cruise last year and we’re planning the next one for next summer. Even though we live in the Caribbean (Virgin Islands) we got to see other islands that we’d never been to before. We love taking family vacations and have recently had the most fun with extended family as well.

  4. I have never been on a cruise but I have heard SO many people talk about how much they loved going on one. Someday we’ll have to make one happen for sure.

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