Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap {Sunshine Edition}

Hello! Hello! I am linking with my girls, Johannah and Heather and recapping our weekend.


Last week was CRAZY busy for me. This weekend was absolutely, exactly what we all needed. Friday was absolutely gorgeous weather so we turned the sprinkler on under the trampoline, drank some iced tea, turned the music on, and spent a lot of time outside.

We made pizza’s for dinner. My kids love anything that they can make themselves.

And then we had a pizza picnic in the living room and watched an episode or two of “The Brady Bunch”. This has been our families new favorite show to watch together. Maddi LOVES Alice.

After we let dinner settle we went for a family run/walk/bike ride that was over 3 miles round trip. It was the perfect way to end our Friday.

We had an early morning baseball game on Saturday but I was up around 6 and decided to drink my coffee outside and read.

Guy had his best game yet. He was at first base and jumped to make a catch and landed on first getting an out. He was catching like a boss and got a lot of outs for his team. It was a lot of fun to watch. These two cuties came home with us and played the rest of the morning away.


Brandon and I went to a graduation party on Saturday evening and it was so fun. They had a photo booth there so we had to jump in.

Sunday was full of sun and fun. The kids jumped on the trampoline, rode bikes, and played with kinetic sand outside. They also did a bunch of arts and crafts outside. Even Guy got in on the art fun (he would rather take a nap than color anything…HA!).

We ended our night with grilled chicken salads and some more Brady Bunch.

I have not been posting recipes or our meal plans lately because life has been SOOOOO busy, but hopefully next weekend I will be back with regularly scheduled programing. We have such a fun week planned ahead. I hope you have a happy Monday. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading today. Don’t forget to link up on Wednesday for our Kid’s Summer Book Club.


Happy Monday friends!


21 thoughts on “Weekend Recap {Sunshine Edition}

  1. What a great weekend you had! Isn’t it SO nice to get outside and enjoy the spring weather! I for one am absolutely LOVING it!! I notice really weird things in pictures sometimes, but your blanket you are using in your picture having your coffee outside, I love it!! The pattern is so pretty =) Emma loves to make pizzas. Alyx does too, but she tends to just make a big mess! haha
    And go Guy for a great Baseball game!!! Isn’t it so fun watching the kiddos play baseball/softball? I can’t get enough of it!

    Have a great Monday!!

    1. The blanket(s)-because I have a couple- come from Costco and they are the best. They wash really nicely and last forever and are so soft and CHEAP! Baseball keeps me on the edge of my seat for sure. I cannot relax during games. I did not realize how competitive I am until my kids started playing sports! Hahahaha! I was never competitive while playing sports when I was younger, I was there to talk to my friends, so it is fun to be on the other side now.

  2. Oh my goodness, I used to LOVE watching old Brady Bunch reruns when I was little! It was one of my favorite shows! I haven’t watched it in ages, though. I’m glad you guys had a nice relaxing weekend! I know you’re a crazy woman right now with the end of school approaching. It has been bananas over here and my kids are still small!

  3. I’m stopping by from the linkup. Happy Monday! XOXO It looks like you had a fun weekend. I have to say, the view on your bike ride was gorgeous!

  4. Yay for a restful life giving weekend! Your bike route looks gorgeous, is that right by your house???? Also the photo booth at a grad party is a great idea! So glad you had a great baseball game and a chance to read outside. Xoxo Erin

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