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Welcome Home: The Man Cave

Highland Home 9" X 6" Wooden Hanging Wall Sign Featuring the words: Welcome To The Man Cave Eat, Drink & Be Lazy!:

Welcome to the Man Cave. I am so glad that Brandon has a place to go to call his. I am also glad that he lets me keep my treadmill in it as well so I can watch TV while working out!

We are BIG sports fans in this house. Luckily, we like the same teams (minus the whole WSU and UW football…then we are a house divided). Even luckier for us, our favorite teams share the same colors (Seahawks, Mariners, and Gonzaga). Here is a look at Brandon’s Man Cave.


There has been plenty of weekends snuggled up on the couch with blankets watching sports or binge watching some Netlflix. And that treadmill is lovely front and center (I kid).


Brandon’s dad actually made that bar for him. It is amazing. Here is a closer look at what is kept on top.


Here is a closer look at what is kept on top…

Some Seahawk books.


A hand-carved Seahawk logo.


An old school wooden pinball machine a really handy ZAGS bottle opener. You just place it over the top of the bottle and push down and it opens all bottles with ease (because no Man Cave would be complete without a completely stocked fridge full of cold beer).


We have a 12th Man flag.


And while I was at Target I found these canvas photos of both SafeCo and Qwest field and hung them on the wall.



We also have an old desk from one of Brandon’s great grandparents. I have vowed to never re-paint the desk.


This is one of our favorite and most well-used places in our home. It might be the man cave but let’s face it, we all crowd in.

Thanks for stopping by today. Do you have a Man Cave in your house? If so, how do you decorate it?




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  1. Well you know my son would just die to have a room like this FULL of Seattle Seahawk items although he has a good collection going too! We are going to Seattle at Thanksgiving, I need to see if they give tours! xoxo ERIN

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