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Our After School Routine

I know that one day I will come home from work and not have backpacks, paper, lunch boxes, spelling homework, folders, and snacks spread all over my kitchen table. I want to remember these days because one day I will long for them again. I love seeing how other people structure their days and I thought I would share with you how we structure our afternoon/evening routine during the school year. I am a big believer in the power of routine. I documented a couple of different days so you could see that each day varies, but also stays the same…

***WARNING*** You are about to see unedited, real life photos….it’s not always glamorous around here.

The only screen time the kiddos usually get during the school week is in my class after school. This is usually around 30 minutes. This works well because they are not on tablets at home and then on the weekends we put a 30 minute time limit on them.

As soon as we get home backpacks get set on the table and the kiddos empty their lunch boxes and wipe them out with a Clorox wipe. Then they star their homework (Guy reads and Maddi does spelling and multiplication).

While they are doing homework, I make them a snack (see below for a couple of ideas) and then sit down with them and go through folders and enter their reading logs.


After school snacks around here are just a little bit of everything. Also, I serve them on smaller plates.

While the kiddos are snacking and after I have looked through everything then I start my chores. I typically do a couple of loads of laundry each day.

And I try to vacuum each day.


After a quick little clean up I get my run on. I found that afternoons work the best for me. Mornings workouts make me so tired in the afternoon and evening after working all day so evening or afternoons work best for me during the school year. I also don’t eat as much during the day because it is no fun to do yoga or go for a run with a full stomach. With that being said, I LOVE running and yoga in the morning on days I am not at work.


While I run or workout, the kids are able to watch TV. As soon as I am done we try to head outside and play. I usually sit outside and read a magazine or do some yard work while the kiddos jump on the trampoline or play soccer or catch. We are outside for at least 30 minutes to an hour.



If the weather is yucky outside we try to use this time for games.


We usually try to eat dinner around 5:30 so we cram a lot into those couple of hours in the afternoon. It’s not always roses around here…sometimes we have to do our reading under a chair at brother’s ball game…


I do love our afternoons. I really try to limit screen time as much as I can. But I do have to be honest, sometimes we do just veg in front of the TV and that is alright too!

What does your after school routine look like?


10 thoughts on “Our After School Routine

  1. What a great daily routine!! Our routine has become chaotic because of all of the end of school meetings and activities. We are counting the days down until summer! Happy Wednesday.

    1. Ours is a little crazy right now because I have had so many meetings right now so it has been a little off this week. I really try hard to stick to the routine because today I got home after a yoga class and the kids didn’t get snack and they were SOOO hangry Luckily Brandon had helped them with homework and reading but they were hot little messes this afternoon 🙂

  2. I love that y’all eat dinner early too. Sometimes our friends make fun of us for being early birds. It just really helps the evening to feel longer though.

    1. I could not agree more Beth! We laugh when we do go out to dinner because we are usually one of the only families there. We get made fun of too but that is alright by us 🙂

  3. What a great routine. I need to be better about making the kids do their homework right when they get home but I don’t ,…eeek! But maybe next year! Considering it’s our last day of school! HA

    1. I am horrible, if homework doesn’t get done right away around here my kids wont do it and we seem to always get busy doing something else and then we forget! Happy Last Day of school and happy summer break!!!

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