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10 on the 10th…10 Must Have’s for Summer Vacation

Today I am linking with my friend Erin and sharing 10 Must Haves for Summer Vacation! We still have a month left of school, but you better believe my kids are in full countdown mode. We LOVE summer vacation. Here are my top must-haves for our summer break…


Books! My kiddos do a really great job of reading every day after school but if I am not fully prepared for their reading in the summer, sometimes it doesn’t happen (GASP-and I am even a teacher). We head to the Book Fair before summer break, and also load up on books from Costco to get excited about summer reading. We also take part in our local library’s summer reading program. Another way I ensure that reading gets done is to do it in the morning. Before we begin our day we can watch 30 minutes of TV and then read for 30 minutes. This way the kids can slowly wake up, and we don’t forget about our reading.




Every summer needs a bucket list! We have not made our bucket list yet but we include a bunch of different activities ranging in price points. The kids love sitting down and making this list. I can’t wait to share it with you soon!


Rub in sunscreen. Two years ago I sprayed some sunscreen gently on Guy’s face and it burned him. We will only use rub in sunscreen from now on. No more aerosol cans.

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A fun vacation!



A garden. We have had a garden since Brandon and I have been married. Our favorite part is tomatoes…followed closely by zucchini (for chocolate chip zucchini bread).



Baseball games.

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Swimming in the pool and beach days.


Mom days! Each month my co-workers and I do something fun like go on a floating trip or to a winery.



Harvest (July, August, and September)



Those unexpected longer nights, road trips, traditions, and memory makers…

There you have it, my Top Ten list of must-do’s and how we plan our summer vacation. I love summer break and how much time we get to spend together as a family. I love leaving time open so we can create memories that we will remember for a lifetime. What are your top 10 must haves for summer?


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21 thoughts on “10 on the 10th…10 Must Have’s for Summer Vacation

  1. Perfect round up for the upcoming vacation season girl! Poor Guy’s face, my youngest is very very fair and I literally have to slather the sunscreen on him every 30 minutes. Unfortunately when I’m not around he is gotten some burns. Swimming and beach days are the best and so are you!

  2. Oh goodness, your post just got me SO excited for all things summer friend. I can’t believe it is here already! Its the best time of the year (except for Christmas) lololol!

    1. I agree with you Beth! Summer and Christmas, the best times of the year! I cannot wait for summer. It is sooooo close! I hope your summer break is off to a great start!

  3. Love your ten must haves for summer! My girls are so ready for summer!! Your post makes me think about everything we have going on this summer and I can’t wait for it to get here – 14 school days left!!

    1. 14 more days, how exciting! I bet they are so excited. I am not wanting to let my little class of students go, we have had such a great year so summer is a little bittersweet this year for me!

  4. Oh my word, I’m so glad that you mentioned the spray on sunscreen issue. That’s pretty much all we use on our kids, although, I typically spray it on my hand and then rub it on their faces. I’m going to be so worried to use that this year! I just bought a twin-pack! Eek! I’ll be sure to be very careful!

  5. Love your list! : I’ve been storing away new books for my 1-year-old for our upcoming vacation and just to have new stuff to rotate in as he’s getting older and needs some new material 😉 I can’t believe that about the spray suncreen- scary!!

    1. Ohhhhh I love new books! My kids get just as excited! Have you read any Sandra Boytin books? My kids LOVED her books when they were younger and they are board books so they last. You can usually find some great board books at Costco or Sams. Thank you Erin!

  6. Oh my goodness he got burned from that aerosol sunscreen 🙁 AHHHH so scary and I use that stuff :(. I love that you guys do fun things like bucket lists, late nights and fun events too. I love, love, love being home with my birdies in the nest in the summer. BTW how awesome that you and your coworkers do something fun in the summer together. LOVE THAT. Thanks for linking up my sweet friend and PS so excited I found you on IG today ;). YIPPEE! xoxo ERIN

    1. It was pretty scary. We cannot wait for our bucket list, the kiddos are having fun thinking of ideas already even though we are a month out. It does make me smile to see them always thinking of our traditions first to add to the list. Our “mom days” are our favorite days. I love my co-workers 🙂 I am also SOOOO happy you found me on insta, I can’t wait to follow along with you!

  7. This is the perfect list. It’s very similar to ours, except for the harvest! I like the idea of Mom’s days too. Have a terrific Thursday!

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