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Show and Tell Tuesday…Trip Down Memory Lane

Oh you guys, I loved this post. I love it for so many reasons. My kids probably think I sailed over to America on the Mayflower because as I was writing this post I kept showing them different things from my childhood. I am linking with Andrea for her fun link up.


My Favorite Toys:

My all time favorite toy that I remember playing with the most and collecting every. single. one. would be My Little Ponies.

My Little Pony Babies | Flickr - Photo Sharing!:

I remember getting these baby ponies and being over the moon excited.

A close second would be yours truly, Barbie and Ken…

Remember Rollerblade Barbie? I remember getting her for Christmas that year and being so excited. Then I remember that her rollerblades were starting fires because it would make a little spark like a lighter so I had to only play with her on our kitchen floor, not the carpet.

1991 Rollerblades Barbie - can still remember the smell of the rollerblades when lighting them up:

And I remember saving money to buy Totally Hair Barbie.

totally hair barbie!:

…and then cutting her hair later on.

Favorite Shows:

Well, not only did I play my little heart out with My Little Ponies, I also LOVED the show and all of the movies.

Ember, Medley, Twilight Rescue at Midnight Castle:

Popples were also my jam.

Not ashamed to say I had the bedsheets as well...:

And The Care Bears.

Care Bears!! Gawd we had so much cooler cartoons than kids now: sponge bob, dora, handy manny, all CRAP! Care Bear stare, you know you wanna.:

And 90’s Nikelodeon ROCKED! I remember all those game shows they had for kids and cartoons. I also loved Saved By the Bell and Full House, TGIF, and so much more.

Favorite Books…


kids books 1980s | ... Book Corner (Childrens Book Blog): Five of the best mums in children:

The Berenstain Bears

food from the 80's | Children of the 90s: Popular Young Children's Books of the 80s and 90s:

And Richard Scarry books.

A list of favorite classic, or maybe just old school, children's books:


I remember getting this game and my friends and I would just “call” the boys and pray we didn’t get some of the boy cards! Hahaha!

Dream Phone

Another game that I never had, but remember playing all the time at my neighbors house was Mall Madness.

Mall Madness


I had their sleeping bag, posters, a wall clock…I could still probably sing 99% of their songs by heart to this day. Step By Step was my jam.

New Kids On The Block:

Celebrity Crush…


Teen Beat!!  I literally remember this issue -- several of it's pages were plastered on my wall.  JTT, Devon Sawa, Jonathan Brandis, & Rider Strong -- my loves.  LOL:


The best ways to spend your days…

Super Mario Bros. (Made in the 80's):

I'm still impressed that my original NES, that I was given the year it came out, still works perfectly... Yet my PS3 makes crazy sounds.:

TLC’s “Waterfalls” and Coolios “Gangster Paradise” hahahaha!

Oh the days of sitting infront of the radio listening to the top 40 countdown and waiting to press record to get it on your mixtape...:

I loved my Tamagotchie:

The food…

Discontinued Foods from the 90s | List of Bygone 1990s Candy & Snacks:

Hit you 90s kids with some nostalgia. - Imgur loved this gum soooo much!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡:

12. Lifesaver Holes / 26 Discontinued Foods That We Need To Bring BACK!!:

What do you remember most about your childhood? I loved looking back on some of this stuff. It was so fun to remember all the shows I used to love as well toys I used to play with and music I listened to. I hope you have a great Tuesday!


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10 thoughts on “Show and Tell Tuesday…Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. I can’t even begin to process the awesomeness of this entire post. You nailed it, and you brought back so many memories! Dream phone😍😍was such a fun game!!

    1. Dream phone was such a fun game, but now that I think about it, we never played it the right way and it is pretty funny to think about now! Kids these days will never understand the struggle 🙂

  2. I seriously have so many memories of sitting in front of the radio waiting to record my favorite song and writing down every song in the top 40! Kids these days have no clue how easy they have it….I also use to start and stop the song over and over writing down all the words. lol The Shazam app and lyric search on the internet was life changing for me. haha

    1. The radio was maddening. But I would love to hear a mixed tape of mine to see what I was listening to. 🙂 And yes to writing down all the words and then later learning you were wrong!

      1. Seriously…this just made me remember a mix tape I made in which I talked at the beginning and then prepared all of “our” songs for an ex-boyfriend and walked into his place of employment and gave it to him. OH MY GOSH!! lol

  3. Girl, this is AH-MAZING! I can’t believe that I forgot to mention Teen Beat magazine!!!! I also read Bop magazine. That’s where I got all of the posters to plaster all over my walls. Lol. Yes, we would have totally been BFFs. Totally. These posts are just fantastic!

  4. I feel like I just looked in the mirror! I still have that roller skate Barbie and the skates still flicker, lololol! So fun friend. We had some pretty great stuff in our childhood.

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