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May Goals and an April Recap

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Woohoo for May! The weather starts warming up, the sun shines more, and the days are getting longer. We have so much fun stuff happening this month and I cannot even wait! Before I share my May goals, I thought I would share my April goals and a recap…


  • One new outfit every day. NO repeats. This was a fun goal. I felt like I was a rut and had been wearing the same outfits since November. I usually feel like this around the end of a season. I am happy to report that this goal really helped me shop my closet and put together new outfits. You can see most of my outfits here.
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  • Put my phone away. I was not perfect at this goal by any means, but I did check my social media WAY less and also, I tried to stay off of social media while my kiddos were awake. We also watched WAY less TV this month as well. I see both trends continuing!
  • Go through kitchen cupboards. NOPE!
  • Go through hall closet. NOPE! I plan on going through both the kitchen and cupboards and hall closet at during summer break. I think this will be really easy to get done one day when my kids are out of the house and I have other chores around the house done beforehand. I am going to move these to June or July.

Now onto May…

  • Confirm/establish summer plans/activities. The kids are going to attend a soccer camp, VBS with their friends, and a couple other activities. I need to get this stuff nailed down and on the calendar. I like having a pretty open calendar during the summer months.
  • Clean the car port and get new mats. I need to get the carport swept and also I want to get some new welcome mats for the doors.
  • Wash outside windows. I love sparkly clean windows and I need to get the fall/winter dirt and grime off of them.
  • Stock up on some good summer reads for the kids. My kiddos love getting books for summer and I can’t wait to start finding some great summer reads for them.

Speaking of summer books, don’t forget about our fun link-up on May 25th…

This month, the girls are reading The Babysitters Club: Kristy’s Great Idea. Grab the book, have your kiddo read it and join us back here on May 25th to share their thoughts.

What is on your to-do list this month? I would love to hear! Happy May!


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12 thoughts on “May Goals and an April Recap

    1. Us too, Heather! We are pretty excited to have a wide open summer. The last two summers I have been really busy with going to school and moving my classrooms…this summer I have neither so the kids are really excited to have pretty much no plans other than a couple 🙂

  1. Love the good summer reads part! I put that book on hold at our library but it still hasn’t came back in yet. I am REALLY hoping it does soon.

    1. I am the same way about my kitchen cupboards. I mainly just need to put everything back nicely! Hahahaha! I just kind of shove things up there and close the door quickly.

  2. I love that you didn’t repeat outfits for a month! When I did my experiment last year without repeating outfits, it really made me think outside the box and I came up with loads of combinations that I would have never though to wear before then. It’s so fun to shop your own closet!

    1. One month wasn’t too bad, I bow down to you for a complete year! 🙂 That would be so hard for me. I tend to wear the same tops with the same pants so this challenge did help change things up for sure!

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