Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap {Fair Edition}

Hello, Monday! I am linking with  Johannah and Heather.


We had a busy and fun weekend that basically started on Thursday afternoon. The county fair rolled into town which is always one of the funnest weekends in this one-horse town. Seriously, it is a pretty big deal. Thursday night we took the kids (along with the rest of the town) to the carnival with my parents and sister. We toughed it out through the rain and cold.

They rode all the rides several times, ate giant corn dogs and curly fries and came home with a couple of stuffed animals.

On Friday we had a half day of school (thank you snow make-up day-usually we don’t have school on the fair Friday). Right after school the kids, myself and my parents went to the fair. We watched the livestock shows, checked the chicken barn, watched a hypnotist, and more. My least favorite barn of all the barns is the chicken barn….seriously this turkey FREAKED me out!

Guy and Ryle acting tough…don’t worry, Ryle took a chicken to the fair named Princess so these two really do have the kindest little hearts!

Guy ate a burger the size of his head for lunch.

Saturday we watched the fair parade.

We headed back up to the fair and watched Fitting and Showing…Maddi has decided to take a steer to the fair next year and we are all pretty excited about that.

I didn’t take any pictures of Ryann showing her steer, but I did snag a picture of Ryle showing Princess.

After leaving the fair we decided to go to one of our local nurseries and get some plants.

Rewind to Friday night, we spent a couple of hours filling our garden boxes. It was a lot of work, but I got these beauties in the ground.

And hopefully this afternoon (between yoga and baseball) we will have that second garden box planted.

Guy and I planted flowers while Maddi was too busy on her bike.

And then we grilled hot dogs for dinner, played outside for a little while longer and came in for baths and books, and went to bed. This weekend was so wonderfully full. The fair is something we look forward to every year and this weekend was really sweet. I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well and are feeling ready for the week ahead.


14 thoughts on “Weekend Recap {Fair Edition}

  1. Yay for plants! I keep trying to decide if I want to plant anything this year or not. It is such a hard choice with the house on the market. Looks like you had an amazing time at the fair. Hope your Monday is great too!

    1. I hear you on not knowing whether to plant anything or not. I would not know what to do either. You could always plant in pots and then take them with you. We had a great weekend, I hope your week is off to a great start!

  2. Yay girl, can’t wait to see your posies growing all pretty! I love the Fair, ours is in July, the twinkie pic is so so cute!!! Have the best start to your week sweetie!

  3. That fair looks so fun! We have a huge fair that comes around in August, so it’s miserably hot. I think I could handle some fair action right now though. Those were some cute deep-fried twinkies 😉😉

  4. What a fun weekend!! Looks like you guys had a blast at the fair. I love the burger face, so cute! Good luck to raising a steer next year. Abigail and I are going to do a planting experiment, it could be interesting or a total bust!

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