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Welcome Home: The Guest Room Tour

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I thought it might be fun to incorporate a few tips and tricks into my Home Tour this week about hosting overnight guests. We do not have many overnight guests, but when we do, we love it.

I love giving our guests several pillows on their bed with different “firmness” options. Nothing is worse than going some place and having one pillow. I like giving my guests their choice of pillow and how many. I would rather have too many, than not enough. In the case of the pillows, less is not more.


I also love having towels front and center. This way people know where the wash clothes and towels, as well as hand towels are. I have cute little hanging baskets that hold all of the guest towels and it is left out. This way people know where to get their towels.


This shelf was made by my grandpa (he gave it to me for Christmas one year, and he gave my sister a beautiful handmade desk). I painted the shelf up and keep a couple of special keep-sakes there. An old radio from my grandparents, a hand painted picture from a local artist that looks like our first home (Brandon’s families farm house), a couple of cross stiches, an antler, and my great-grandma’s jewelry box. They were ranchers/farmers and she had the funnest costume jewelry. Always so glamorous.DSC_0011DSC_0013

We have a couple of different magazine subscriptions, so when I am finished with a magazine I put it in the magazine holder. I switch the magazines out frequently to keep updated material in there. This offers your guests some current reading material. I love a good magazine to look at. I also put any book we have finished reading in there as well.DSC_0014

The night stand is two suitcases with a little lamp (I need to find a new one that is less wild animal) and an alarm clock. Nothing is worse than not knowing what time it is in the middle of the night.DSC_0016DSC_0018

A couple other things that I do…

  • Have a place for guests to put their suitcases.
  • Let them know where all the toiletries are. We have a closet that is close to the guest room full of toiletries and anything extra (floss, body wash, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, lotion…)
  • I leave a little notecard with the WiFi password on it. I also got some cute little trays from WalMart that I thought about putting some Keurig cups on, as well as some cute mugs, and some other little gifts like cookies or a little treat.
  • I also like letting my guests know where bottles of water are kept, as well as other beverages.

Am I forgetting any good tips for hosting guests? What is your favorite hosting tip? I would love to hear!


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18 thoughts on “Welcome Home: The Guest Room Tour

  1. These are such great tips for a welcoming guest room. I do most of these too, and sometimes put a little treat or snack basket in there too. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. I really wish we had a space to put out of town guests in. Nobody really comes to visit… but maybe they would if we had a room, lol! You have a great spot set up.

  3. Always love peaking into others homes! I love having a frame with out wifi password as well such a simple courtesy! Love that you save magazines and all the other tips too! Xoxo Erin

  4. I really need to work on the guest room. It is still basically the place Riley leaves all his crap when he heads off to play baseball so I’m not sure it’s super welcoming. My older daughter calls it the shrine because it’s full of baseball memorabilia. lol I think you have taken great care to make your guests feel welcome!

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