Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap {Sick Edition}

You guys, this weekend was a beating. Hahaha! I wish I had a do-over. Here is a look at our weekend that was supposed to be full of sun, fun, baseball, last soccer games, and lots of family fun…Instead Guy and I got sick with what I am dubbing “Kinder Crud”. Here is a quick peek at our weekend…

We headed off to school and Guy and I were not feeling 100% but I thought it was just our allergies. I snapped this picture of the kiddos after school in the parking lot and we headed home.

When we got home Guy laid on the couch to watch some TV and I went and laid down in bed and Brandon woke both of us up at 7 for dinner. We both had fevers and felt like we had been hit with a bus.  Thank goodness for the best husband and dad in the world, I missed Maddi’s last soccer game (Brandon took her on Saturday morning), and Guy missed both his soccer and baseball games. We were so bummed. We also didn’t feel like moving.

Saturday night we both started feeling a little better so I cleaned the house (because I LOVE cleaning the house after being sick and getting those germs GONE) and my fam-bam played some basketball.

Sunday morning we woke up with NO FEVERS!

We went grocery shopping as a family and it felt so good to get out of the house for a little bit. We played outside some more, the kids played basketball, soccer, and rode bikes. Then it started raining so we moved the party inside. We played lots of board games.

I lost 2 out of 3 rounds of Guess who.

We also went out for a little Sunday drive around the neighborhood after dinner. I don’t know, I feel like I lost about two days and the most productive thing I did was start watching “Nashville” on Hulu and watched 2 seasons of “Real Housewives of the OC”. This weekend did not go how it was planned, but we tried to make the most of it. I also really appreciate my husband. When I am down and out, he really steps up to the plate and takes over without missing a beat.

I am linking with Johannah and Heather today for their link up…Hello Monday! What did you do this weekend? I hope it was a great one for you and that you were able to get in more fun than us. I also hope that your week is off to a great start!


16 thoughts on “Weekend Recap {Sick Edition}

    1. I think we are on the up and up. I just hope the rest of my family stays healthy and doesn’t get it. Happy Monday. I am looking forward to reading your vacation recap!


    1. I am the same way Britt. I scrub and wash all the things. We also left windows open pretty much all weekend. Hope you have a great week my friend!


    1. We are feeling so much better…now fingers crossed that it doesn’t hit anyone else in our house 🙂 Happy Monday!


  1. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry do you and Guy were sick! Isn’t it wonderful to have a husband who takes care of you and does what needs to be done. I have a feeling this weekend will be great for you all of you. 😉


    1. We are feeling so much better and had a great start to our week. We have a pretty fun week planned and yes, next weekend will be a great one for sure!


    1. It can get so nasty so quick! We wipe our desks all the time. It always grosses me out when the wipes turn up so nasty so quickly!


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