Welcome Home: Living Room Tour

I thought it would be fun to share a home tour and little pieces of our home each week for a while. I love taking peeks into other’s homes and I am excited to share my home with you.


You could say my design and decor style would be farm house. Kind of. The best decorating advice I have ever gotten was, if you love it, get it and use because it will all tie together. I love neutral walls but pops of color on some of my pieces around my home. And they do all tie together. I love collecting “junk”. Our TV stand is an old dresser that I gutted and painted. The big windows came from Brandon’s barn.


Here is this cute little table my mom got me for Christmas. I absolutely adore it! I am looking for the perfect mercury lamp, and was wondering if a fern or a succulent would look alright on the other side? What do you think? How would you style this piece? I would love any and all input!


Back to the dresser for our TV stand. Also, that radio used to be my great-grandpas.


We put the kiddos books that they are reading in the drawers. I also switch out the drawers seasonally and put fun themed books in them as well for the kids. #teachermomDSC_0014


Brandon’s aunt gave us the china hutch. I popped the glass out and painted it. I absolutely love how this turned out. I am also going to white wash the wall behind it.


Some of the treasures inside the hutch include some old kitchen utensils from my grandmas house, a tea cup from Brandon’s grandma, and our china. I love the basic print we chose.

I use an old wooden ladder to hang blankets and quilts on. I remember in 7th grade when my family took a trip to the Oregon Coast and my mom found this ladder at an antique store and we brought it back home with us.





Some of my favorite old hand-written cookbooks.



There is just a look at our living room. Next week I will share my kitchen with you all. Thanks for stopping by and reading today! I hope you enjoyed getting a peek into our home. I would love some advice and ideas on how to style that window table. Thanks!



10 thoughts on “Welcome Home: Living Room Tour

    1. Thank you Susan! I love the ladder and the memory of bringing it home from the Oregon Coast from a family vacation 🙂


    1. Thank you Erin! I love home tours too, they are some of my favorite posts from others. I love seeing how people decorate and love getting ideas from them. These, and Day in the Life posts are always my favorites!


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