Meal Planning Sunday

Meal Planning # 21

This week I am all about easy classics. I have nothing fancy planned for dinner this week and these meals actually require little to no prep. Thank goodness, because I am going to need all the help I can get this week with soccer, t-ball, PTO, and a long training after work on Wednesday. Here is what we will be eating this week for dinner…

Sunday: Grilled hot dogs, grilled corn, and a pasta salad. I am going to make enough pasta salad for the kiddos to take for lunch on Monday and hopefully Tuesday.

Monday: Breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, sausage. YUM! I am going to make a few extra pancakes for the kiddos breakfasts for a couple of mornings. I thought I would make a veggie scramble this night and skip out on the pancakes.

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday. Soft tacos for the win! I will make mine into a salad. I like laying out all the toppings and everyone builds their own. Win! Win!

Wednesday: The MM Sandwich, PW Style YUMMMY!!!!!

I think I will lighten this up for myself by skipping the bun and cheese, but also eating it alongside other veggies. My kiddos and husband are going to eat some homemade jojo’s.

Thursday: Grilled Kielbasa, grilled corn, and green beans.

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Crispy Baked Chicken Tenders


What is on your meal plan this week? Also, what are your go-to meals when you have a busy week? I would love to hear!




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    1. Hi Stephanie, I have not tried the Kodiak cakes yet but have seen the mix at Costco and have been tempted to pick it up. I will have to next time we need pancake mix. Thanks for the tip!

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