Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap…

Today I am linking up with two of my favorites, Heather and Johannah to re-cap my weekend.


We had a fun-filled weekend to kick off Spring Break. Friday was early release and I was able to put my assessment and data binder away for a couple more months. I LOVE the growth that kindergarten students make during the 3rd quarter. It might be one of my favorite times of the school year.

We were feeling pretty excited to kick off spring break. I took the kiddos to lunch (McDonalds-their choice).

Then we bought some snacks for Maddi’s soccer game on Saturday (Gatorade and Sun Chips).

We stayed in on Friday night and watched “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”. A couple of things, my kids LOVED this movie and they could not believe how “old school” some of the things were…like “boxes for TV’s and phones with cords. Hahahaha!

Saturday morning started bright and early. This picture pretty much sums up our Saturday perfectly. Guy had baseball practice right before his soccer game, so here we are in our soccer cleats and soccer socks with a bat bag because after baseball practice we had to hustle to his soccer game. I do love watching both my kiddos play sports.

We waited for sissy’s game to start by taking some selfies.

Then after both kiddo’s soccer games my parents took the kids for the night. Brandon and I watched the Zags WIN!!!!! Everyone is pretty excited for the championship game around here! And then we watched the Ducks lose (bummer).

Sunday morning we dropped the puppy off with Brandon’s mom and then we went grocery shopping. Grocery shopping kid-less feels a little like a date.

We came home and relaxed for a bit and then I went for a 3 mile walk.

It was a great little weekend. I hope you had a great weekend as well. What did you do this weekend? Happy Monday, and GO ZAGS!


16 thoughts on “Weekend Recap…

  1. Box tv’s and phones with cords…that’s definitely a blast from the past even though it feels like yesterday. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! And yea for walking 3 miles! Have a marvelous Monday!

    1. Hi Tanya, it was so funny to hear them ask questions about what things were on the movie. They could not believe that is what things looked like. Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping by!

    1. Guy looks a lot like my Mom’s side of the family. It is so funny because sometimes he looks just like Brandon but his cheeks and blue eyes look a lot like my Grandpa. GO ZAGS! We are so excited around here! Happy Monday Amanda.

  2. We recently watched Honey I Shrunk the Kids with our two lately and they LOVED it. So funny to watch those older, classic movies together. Sun Chips for the win too. They will always be a favorite of mine.

    1. I love watching the older movies with them. I also love watching things like “Adventures in Babysitting” and “The Parent Trap” with them and watch the original too. It always blows their minds. Sun Chips are a HIT! Always!

    1. Thank you Lindsay, I got them from Big 5. It is a sporting good store around here. I see so many cute ones online too and want to order but like to try them on first. 🙂 Have a great week!

  3. I enjoyed watching the basketball game too! I am not a huge basketball fan but I was glued to the TV. I will be watching tonight. Soccer Saturdays are so fun! I have a love hate relationship with soccer season. I love the games but I hate early games! Happy Monday. 🙂

    1. Hahahaha! I love seeing their reaction…I was telling them that I had to talk on a phone connected to my wall in the kitchen and kids would call and have to talk to my mom or dad first and ask if I was home and Maddi said “OMG, how embarrassing!?!?!” LOL! I about died right there on the spot.

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