Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites {3/31/17}

3.5 hours stand between us and Spring Break, it is going to be a great Friday! Here are my favorites from the week…


Last week I shared with you a new trick I learned about using 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda in shampoo for ultra clean hair. In the comments of that post, Stephanie shared a fun tip about baking soda…she told me to use it with my face wash. #Gamechanger. It leaves your face feeling like you just received a facial. I am going to start using this trick once a week. Just when I thought I couldn’t love baking soda anymore!

Yes!! It's like brushing your teeth or taking a shower!  If you don't wash your face.. Lets talk..:


My sister (who has the best tips and knows the best beauty products) told me about this mask and I love it! I got this from WalMart this weekend. I am really trying to use a mask once a week.

This mask smells divine, and left my skin feeling really clean and toned. I love it and would suggest it. It went on really creamy and you only keep it on for 5 minutes.


I love a quick personality quiz and this one nailed it. I found it really interesting. If you have roughly 10 minutes, you should take this quiz. I found out I was a Logistician. I like to observe and also plan. Shocking!

Image result for Personality Quiz


After school, Maddi LOVES to play school in my classroom. And Guy usually likes to run around and create havoc. On this day, my girl was busy playing teacher while Guy was loving laying on the floor with a big piece of paper and using my (and by my, I mean MY-no-one-can-touch) Mr Sketch markers…


This week we have been puppy sitting this week and have been having SO much fun. We will miss this little guy. However, we will LOVE getting to sleep through the night again!

And one last favorite, GO ZAGS! If you are watching the Final Four and wondering who you should cheer for, my money is on the home team! 🙂 I hope you have had a wonderful week and have a great weekend planned. We have soccer games, baseball and a family movie night planned. We are so excited for spring break!


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16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {3/31/17}

    1. You won’t regret adding the baking soda to your bathroom…who knew all the ways you could use it? Also, the masks at WalMart are so fun to look through, they have several different ones for less than $1.50. Have a great day!

  1. There are definitely nights when I just want to go to sleep with my makeup on because I am lazy. However, I always go make myself do this chore everynight because it is a must. I am shocked too when people don’t do this. I have been looking for a new mask to try so I need to go buy that one. Hope you guys have a wonderful Spring Break!!!

    1. I am right there with you. If I didn’t wash my face daily my skin would look so bad, but some people can get away with it. The masks are great becase there are several different kinds at Walmart all for under $1.50. Happy Friday!

  2. Baking soda in my shampoo and face wash?? This might be life changing! Love the pic your son made…too cute!
    Have a great weekend and spring break!

  3. Baking soda is phenomenal! I use it a lot in cleaning processes for my client’s homes! My daughter LOVES to play in my mom’s classroom after school. She better soak it up since Nana is retiring in June! Eeeek! xoxoxo

    1. Amanda, I love that she gets to play in your mom’s classroom after school. What a great memory she will have! What grade does your mom teach? And yes, I am loving baking soda lately!

  4. Yeah…. I have been oh so guilty of that meme before. I went years ignoring my skin but I swear, I am doing a better job now days. Puppy sitting sounds GREAT! My girls would love to do that. Get a puppy fix and then send it back home!

    1. Beth is was great! On Friday, Maddi said “Wow this puppy is hard work”. It was so much fun but such a good experience for them because they wanted a dog but figured out that right now we are a little too busy for a dog. 🙂 Happy Monday!

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