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Show and Tell Tuesday… Top 10 Pictures

Today I am linking with Andrea for a little Show and Tell. I have been so excited for this post. It is supposed to be your top five favorite photos, but I couldn’t choose just five…I had a hard enough time narrowing it down to my top ten. I am so excited to share with you and you might even learn a little more about me…


These are my people in one of our favorite places doing one of our favorite things.


I love this picture so much. All of Brandon’s and I’s grandmas are in this picture. This was at one of my bridal showers that his aunt threw me and I just love these ladies. It was a special day that I will remember for the rest of my life.


My first picture with Maddi, minutes after having her I look exhausted, but 14 hours of labor will do that to a Mama.


This picture was taken during the county fair. This picture just makes me remember the fair as a kid, but also seeing all the excitement through my kid’s eyes.


This was a candid shot of Brandon and I walking down the isle. We look on top of the world happy. I also love looking at the crowd and seeing all the people that mean the world to us!



When I turned 18 my grandparents took me to a hotel and casino for my first gambling trip and Birthday. My grandpa George and I hit a 7-of-a-kind on a machine (jackpot). I will never forget this trip!


Summer, sunshine, cold beverages, floating down the river with my bestie and other friends. This picture always makes me think of sweet summer time.


This was the first moment Maddi met Guy. Maddi did not want a baby and she DID NOT want a little brother…until she met him. Then she was smitten. She had also given herself a haircut at my grandma’s house earlier that week, she wanted bangs.


Me with my favorite two little people, enjoying the sunshine and hanging out with each other. I love these two so much. I love being a Mom and this picture just reminds me of how much fun we always have together.


Without this guy right here, none of the rest would be possible. I love this picture of us. We were getting ready to head to a wedding and sapped a quick pic. I am sure glad we did.

I loved sharing my top 10 favorite pictures with you all. So many memories are held in these snapshots. Thanks for reading today!


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18 thoughts on “Show and Tell Tuesday… Top 10 Pictures

  1. Wasn’t it hard to pick? So many precious ones!! You look so happy on your wedding day and I love your flowers!! You two are just the cutest and make the cutest kiddos!!

  2. Oh my gosh- your candid wedding pic is GREAT! Grandparent photos are always some of my favorites. My mom and dad have made my kids little photo books of various pictures, and my daughter loves to look through it each week.

    1. Thank you Allie! I love the idea of your kiddos getting little photo books. What a great idea. My kids love looking at our photo albums and I am horrible about developing my pictures and adding to them. They would LOVE something like this. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wasn’t this just such a fun show and tell? I loved going back through my pictures. I just love the candid picture of you guys on your wedding day. And that scenery in the first picture…oh my goodness!! Take me away.

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