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Our Guide to Spring Break Fun!

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We are almost to Spring Break fun over here! One more week and then we have one week off to enjoy together. In the past we have taken little trips that the kids wanted to go on and this year they asked to stay home. Yes please! We talked about some of the fun things we can do at home and they are SUPER excited.

Here is how we plan on spending our spring break…brace yourself…this is nothing mind blowing but a lot of fun.


I am super excited because this means that I get those slow mornings of sipping coffee and watching the news. The kids get to sleep in and be lazy. I also feel like a completely awesome mom when I get to make them a real breakfast (and not just fruit or cereal). We are looking forward to a week of slow mornings where we can be a little lazy and slow moving. One morning we will walk down to our local coffee/donut shop and get a little sweet treat to enjoy.


We are usually ready to get out of the house around 9:30 or 10. The kids are always my little side-kicks and we have some fun ideas planned. We plan on going to the indoor pool, going bowling, seeing a movie, and going to lunch with Brandon one day.


If the weather is nice (which it hasn’t been so my fingers are crossed that the rain quits) we plan on eating picnic lunches outside all week. I am not afraid to bust out the paper plates (less dishes to wash).


We plan on going for bike rides, having a movie afternoon/night, playing games, jumping on the trampoline, and going for a drive with some milkshakes. Also, we thought it might be fun to do some roller skating one afternoon. We also need to get some spring/summer clothes and shoes so we thought we would go to the nearest mall (when you live in small-town USA you have to plan a trip to the mall) to load up.


The kids asked if they could cook dinner one night all by themselves. Yes, yes you can!


The kids are also planning on having a day with their cousins one day over the break, as well as having friends over a couple of times.

We still have soccer and baseball practices throughout the week and dentist appointments, but other than that our week off is wide open. I know we are all feeling excited to have some down time around here. What are you spring break plans? Do you do some big stuff, like take a trip? I hope you are all having a great week so far and I will see you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


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10 thoughts on “Our Guide to Spring Break Fun!

  1. I wish our Spring Break was later in the semester so that we could enjoy the weather. I grew up going on trips during Spring Break. However, since my girls have been in school we have never gone on trips during the break, we just do fun stuff around town. Maybe next year! I hope you guys have a wonderful break!

    1. I have to say, I am really glad that we are staying at home this year. I think we are all beat. I can’t believe that it is already Spring Break though, it seems like we just started the school year.

  2. So many fun activities! We did a kids cook dinner night once and my girls LOVED it. Y’all are going to have the best time.

  3. Well that sounds like a perfectly delightful spring break and I hear you on the ability to sip coffee and not have to run! Even though I am home, there are no leisurely mornings with school/preschool drop off! Have a great spring break my friend and enjoy your love tank filling! xoxo ERIN

    1. Isn’t it such a luxury to not have to rush in the morning! Breaks in the school year help everyone take it easy! I am counting down the days until break. Happy almost Friday!

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