10:10 March 2017

This month, the 10th was on a Friday and it was a great Friday to track…here are my 10 snapshots of the 10th…

I make my bed daily and like to squirt all the layers down with Febreeze. This Downy scent keeps my blankets smelling fresh all week.

We made a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in class.

My pet-peeve is puzzles that are not completed. My kids this year have been the worst about leaving undone puzzles.

Trail mix for an after school snack.

I went on a little walk after school. We have one of the prettiest baseball fields with the best view. Those hills are green right now!

I prepped for Maddi’s Birthday party for a little bit.

No tween party is complete without a round of “Chubby Bunny”.

Later that night we went to Maddi’s play. I snapped this pic of my grandpa Buck with Guy. My Papa had some M&M’s in his pocket and was sharing them with Guy throughout the play. It was precious.

Me and my boy before the “Rapunzel”.

Our little Ogre leading her mushrooms.

My Dad surprised Maddi with these beautiful flowers after the play and she has LOVED them.

Our 10th of March was a great day!


10 thoughts on “10:10 March 2017

  1. Such a sweet day on the 10th for you beautiful lady! Your baseball fields are amazing and I would’ve loved to seen Rapunzel!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. I love that they will have memories of a lot of their great grand parents and one great-great grandma! Family is everything! Have a great day! How sweet to celebrate your grandpa this week.

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