Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap…All the Things Edition

We had a great, full, fun weekend. Grab a cup of coffee and join me as I recap.

On Friday afternoon Brandon and I took full advantage of the sun (it has been a LONG time since the sun has shone) and we cleaned the back yard and got it ready for spring. We dead-headed some plants, tore some plants out, and then also picked up and threw a bunch of toys away that the kids had drug out and the snow had covered. Next, we moved on to Maddi’s room and cleaned it out. With the yard and Maddi’s room we got rid of 2 yards of “garbage” and four bags of clothes to give away. It felt SO good to get rid of stuff and work outside.

Later that night Maddi had her second showing of her play “Rapunzel”. We had a theatre company come to the school on Monday, and by Friday the students (around 60) were performing the play. It was so fun and so amazing. The kids all did great. I was impressed that they only had basically three days of practice. They performed during school as well on Friday.

The cutest Ogre I ever did see.


All the Ogres.


Friday was a late but fun night!

Saturday started with cupcake baking…

Then we had soccer pictures at 7:45 for Guy. After soccer pictures, Guy and I picked up some breakfast for him and Maddi…fresh donut holes. I also picked up some party decorations for Maddi. We came home and relaxed a bit. Next, Maddi had soccer pictures at 1:15. Then we came home and counted down until her party…

We had 11 girls over. Brandon took Guy and a friend bowling and to pick up pizzas for the girls. My sister (THANK the good Lord) stayed and helped me. We decorated cupcakes, played “Chubby Bunny”, Twister, and more. It was a fun three hours. I am so grateful for my daughter to be around such great girls.

Sunday was spent relaxing at home and playing in the yard. Maddi and Guy jumped on the trampoline most of the day and even ate dinner on it.

They also got into some sidewalk chalk, played basketball, and rode their bikes.

We had a great weekend. It was full and busy but it was great. I am sailing into Monday with a full heart and memories that I will look back on. I hope you all had a great weekend. What did you do this weekend?


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  1. Cutest little Ogre I ever did see too! Great weekend and isn’t it wonderful to have some sunshine and get some yardwork done! I hope you have a wonderful week this week!

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