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Royally Waiting

Today I am linking with Shelly, Katy, and Holly for their fun new link up, Royally Waiting.

What I’m waiting on…Sunshine, Daylight Savings Time (I love the longer days), and Spring (not the cold wet spring, but the sunny, warm spring).

Inspiration Monday - Never Ending Inspiration | Refresh Restyle:

What I’m thinking about…How Maddi is going to be 9 in a couple of days. Nine years of being a mama, nine years of having a beautiful girl.

What I’m reading…

Image result for Magnolia Spring Magazine

Planning…Maddi’s Birthday party.

Going…to work and home and soccer practice…

Listening to…Dierks Bently. I love his new song “Black”.

Image result for dierks bentley black

Hearting…Last week I posted about What I am Loving Lately

Cooking/Eating…You can see my Meal Plan here. I like to post them each Sunday.

Celebrating…Spring is coming and my girl turns 9!

Texting…Brandon and I have been playing games with each other via Game Pigeon. You can play games against people through text message like pool, Battle Ship, Connect 4. It is fun to play against him during the day on my breaks. You should check the app out.

I hope you are all having a great week! Thanks for stopping by today.



12 thoughts on “Royally Waiting

  1. Yay for planning sweet girlies birthday party! And you know I happen to love the number nine with my last name at all, LOL! And how funny is this, I’m at a stoplight on my way to work and Dierks Bentley is on the radio right now,! I hope you have the best day sweetie!

  2. I feel like I should give you a great big hug. Marissa is going to be 9 in about 3 months so I am having all the same feelings. How in the world are we so close to those tween years?!

    1. They grow up so fast! The tween years are so close, if not already here! I feel like she has grown up so much in the past year and I just miss my little toddler but I am LOVING all the independence and seeing her become more confident in herself! Hugs to you my friend, we can embrace this age together!

  3. All the yeses to longer days – I always feel like I’m crazy bc I love daylight savings time! I need to grab that copy of Magnolia Journal – I’m thinking I need to try a capsule wardrobe for me and the girls!

    1. I am so unsure of capsule wardrobes. I love the idea of them and think they are great, I just don’t know if I could stick with it. I loved reading about them though. Magnolia Journal is a magazine I look forward to getting each month! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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