Meal Planning Sunday

Sunday Meal Plan #17

We are gearing up for a great but BUSY week ahead. We have soccer practices, play practice, and then some little red head’s Birthday party to get ready for. Here is to a great week with minimal cooking but lots of chopping…

Sunday: Roasted Black Bean Taco Salad.

Roasted black bean taco salad-4

Monday: Chef Salad.

Tuesday: Greek Salad

Greek Salad - This healthy Greek salad is absolutely amazing when tossed in a light and refreshing lemon vinaigrette!

Wednesday: Mexican Potato Skins. A healthy vegan option.

mexican potato skins baking tray top down

Thursday:  Grilled Chicken Thighs

Friday:  Grilled Tilapia with lime and cilantro.

Saturday: Pizza Night!

I love making things like the loaded potato skins because my family can make their own and fill it with the things they love. Also, things like taco salad can easily be converted to tortilla shells which my kids love and then again, they can add their own toppings. Healthy eating for adults doesn’t have to be hard to convert to kid friendly meals either. I just try to think outside the box and offer them a way to still eat the same healthy foods. If they can get involved in the cooking (stuffing their own potatoes, making their own taco salad) then they are invested in the meal and seem to eat it better. I hope you have a great week ahead and a relaxing Sunday! What is on your menu for the week? Any good plant-based meals that I NEED?


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