Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites {3/3/17}

I hope you are all having a great week. This week has left me feeling a like I am struggling to get to the finish line. We have had such a fun-filled week and it was Read Across America Week. While the dress up days have been so much fun, I am beat! My couch, kindle, blanket and tea are calling my name tonight. Maybe even Netflix…

It has been a great week and here are some favorites…


Legit, on Tuesday (the last day of February) Mother Nature was feeling all of her emotions. We had snow, hail, rain, sunshine, clouds…we had four seasons in one day…

And spring sports are starting…soccer now…baseball soon. Four practices a week plus games on Saturdays.

I love watching my kiddos in sports, but I will miss these last two weeks of being at home each night and eating dinner together at our regular 5:30 time.


We have had such a fun week at school and on Thursday morning we had Pastries for Parents. Each classroom was loaded with donuts and juice, parents would come in and read to their child or be read to. Parents could also get a bookmark made. Since I am teaching, Brandon was on Dad duty and covering all parental responsibilities. Maddi did not feel like walking down to get her picture taken with them #diva. But the boys got a bookmark made and I will cherish it since Guy gave it to me.


Chia seeds have quickly become a favorite of mine. I put them in all of my breakfasts or lunches (when I can). On this day for a lunch I sprinkled it on almond butter toast with bananas. So yummy. Tomorrow I will share my new favorite breakfast that includes Chia seeds.  I got a big bag from Costco and it is going to last me awhile. They are such a great source of protein.


I ordered this this cut work swing top. I think it will be a go-to this spring and summer.

product photo


This week I shared a couple of fun posts…

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Like I said, it was a fun week this week. This weekend we have soccer practice, and a low-key weekend planned…before the craziness starts next week…you know, four different soccer practices, play try-outs, a performance, PTO, and more…

Happy Friday friends!


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14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {3/3/17}

  1. Mother Nature is CRAZY right now! HA She is all over the place!
    I love Read Across America Week! Guy is so precious in his bookmark picture!
    I love that swing shirt!
    Hope y’all have a great weekend!

    1. I am really hoping Mother Nature chills (and by chills I mean warms up!). Read Across America is always such a fun week. Today is pajama day so I am REALLY happy about that! Have a great weekend!

  2. Jenna, I bought that shirt yesterday!!!! Sure did along with some pineapple shorts, new workout gear, and shoes. OOPS! This early spring here in NC had me going – I need new clothes!!! Chia seeds are soooo good and so great of an addition to any meal. Unless of course you have diverticulitis so praise the Lord you and I are clear on that one. I had to laugh so hard at the dinner meme and the first meme. LOVE IT! Love you too! I hope your weekend is amazing!

    1. I saw some cute pineapple shorts from ON and thought you! Those are adorable. I love the top, I want it in the yellow and pink too but I resisted. Chia seeds are the best! Have a great weekend!

  3. I need to start adding chia seeds to the things I eat, and should hide them in stuff I feed the toddler, too 😉 That shirt you ordered is so cute! And I laughed at that mother nature post..I live in MN and I saw the same quote with Minnesota saying ‘hold my beer’. This is always just the wackiest time of year, weather-wise!

  4. LOVE that Top you ordered girl, going to be so cute on you! I completely forgot about chia seeds, I need to get some, they look delicious on your banana and almond butter toast! What a great breakfast idea! I hope you have a super peaceful and happy weekend my love!

  5. That very first meme was hilarious and SO true. I just looked the other day and 14 days in February we had temps over 60 degrees. That just shouldn’t happen, at least not in Missouri.

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