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March Goals

Is anyone else picking their jaw up off the ground because tomorrow is March? And why is it snowing still?!?! C’mon spring weather…we are ready. Before I jump into my goals for March, I thought I would share a re-cap of February. Let’s just say that I was not as productive as I set out to be at the beginning of the month…


  • Plan Maddi’s Birthday. We are having a friend party and a family party and they are all planned and ready to go!
  • Paint dresser and vanity. Writing that goal on paper was as far as I got.
  • Build garden boxes.  Since we are still getting snow we have not started this project but plan on getting it done as soon as this snow is over.
  • Drink 100 oz. of water (even on weekends). Done and done. I averaged 115 oz a day last week and that was pretty consistent for each week. I love water, but struggle getting in that much during the weekend. My FitBit tracker really helped with this.

So now onto my March goals…

One-on-one time with each kiddo. I would love to take Maddi and Guy and do something special with each one. How do you guys fit in 1:1 time with your kids? This is an area that I really struggle with and would love to get better at it. Any advice or ideas?!?!

Plan a good/fun spring break. One thing I absolutely adore about my kids is that they do not require much entertaining. T. ey are just as happy staying at home as they are going somewhere. I want to plan some fun activities for us to do though to make it a little more special. Our spring break is not until April so we still have over a month away to plan. What do you have planned for Spring Break?

Spring clean the yard. We have had so much snow and our yard is in need of some shaping up. Our kids have toys spread all over and they need picked up. I want to trim some bushes and fertilize. I LOVE yard work so I am keeping my fingers crossed for some nice weather.

Garden boxes built. Hopefully the snow stays away and we can get these built and prepped. I am so excited! This is our first year with raised beds and I cannot wait enjoy them.

Mulch/fertilize/start picking out plants. We have a large mulching project that we are going to undertake and I hope we can get that started soon. As soon as the weather gives us a break from snow or rain. We usually can’t plant much until April/May (I try to plant on Mothers Day weekend) but I can start dreaming and planning my pots and planters.

My goals this month are pretty weather dependent but I am dreaming of sun and spending outside with my family. There is something so rewarding about working outside in the yard all weekend and seeing your progress.

What are your goals for March? I love kicking off spring…because I know that summer is right around the corner!


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18 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Hi Jenna! My monthly goals always has 1:1 dates with my sons on them. I’ve learned that I have to schedule them on the calendar or they don’t have happen!! This past month I was able to do 2 out of 3. I keep it simple too – with my oldest we went on a run together!

  2. We share a couple of the same goals. I am trying to plan a fun spring break with my girls without breaking the bank. We are splurging on one night somewhere fun, but otherwise it’s going to be low-key. I hope tackle all your March goals! Thanks for sharing!

  3. We still do one on ones with the boys when we can. So very important. I love that you guys practice that time alone with each one too. I’m so excited to start digging in the dirt. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

    1. One on one time is something that I fail at miserably and feel like I need to get so much better at. I love that you still do one on one time with your sons now. I bet that is a lot of fun. I know it will fill my kiddo’s buckets up to get some time in. I am hoping March brings sunshine! Have a great day Andrea!

  4. Boo on snow! We are having a great winter with warm temperatures, I wish I could share that love with you. I adore my outside to do list! Way to go on the water!!! You are rocking it. One on One time is easy with my son since he’s still in preschool but my daughter? Whew hard as all get out! I had tried to get us a date planned for Thursday night to go get her nails done and go shopping but it is looking like it will be Friday with little bro in tow. Spring Break – I’ll be in Mexico and my kids take their yearly beach trip with my mom!

    1. Mexico will be SO much fun. I am so happy for you that you get to go! It is so hard to get out sometimes and I know both kids love the one on one time and I have sadly not made that a priority lately. I gotta get better. It snowed today and I am so over it! Nothing can disrupt a classroom of kids like snow falling outside! Hahaha!

  5. I’m stopping by from Tuesday Talk! XOXO I seriously can’t believe tomorrow is March. It’s going to be 70 degrees, too. We haven’t had much of a winter in PA this year. Love all your goals. Good luck with them!

    1. I cannot wait for tomatoes and zucchini and all the garden goodies, and all the flowers. I am excited to get it all going, so it can stop snowing here at any time 🙂

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