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Meal Planning #16

You guys, it is snowing here again. I have BBQ on my menu this week and guess I will have to grill in the snow. Last week I ate vegan every single meal except two. This week, the same thing will happen.

Here is a peek at our menu for the week…

Sunday: Carne Asada.

Monday: BBQ Hamburgers for the family. I am going to have avocado toast on Dave’s Killer Bread.

Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas. I will skip the chicken and will have the veggies in a big salad with avocados and salsa.

Wednesday: Stir Fry. My family will have chicken and I am going to have tofu in mine. You guys, this was on my menu last week and I completely chickened out with the tofu. I have never had it and just don’t know what to think. It completely intimidates me and I am so freaked out that I am going to hate it. But I am determined to do it this week! …deep breathes…

Thursday: A big fresh chicken salad will be where it’s at for this night.

Friday: Pizza night and I will have no shame indulging in some homemade pizza!

I hope you all have a great week. What is on your menu this week? Any good vegan ideas for my menu for next week?




2 thoughts on “Meal Planning #16

  1. Sounds delicious 🙂 love seeing what other people are eating! We are doing homemade pizza night too and I think renting Moana since it comes out!!!! Spring break is next week, you too??? xoxo ERIN

    1. Oh I love Moana, have you seen that movie yet? My kiddos and I went to the theater to watch it and we loved it. I have been meaning to buy it for them as a surprise and have a movie night. Yay for Spring Break next week! Ours is the first week in April, so the countdown is on! 🙂

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