Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

What a great week. Not only was it a four day week but we crammed it full of fun family time after school.


On Tuesday Guy got Super Bug. Each day his teacher selects a student who had good behavior and they get to bring Super Bug home. Guy was on cloud nine!


I have followed a vegan diet minus two dinner this week (taco cups and then BBQ chicken thighs). I cannot believe how great I feel. I have had only plant-based foods and no sugar this week. I have been drinking coffee. I feel amazing and I am not craving meat like I thought I would.

We had a big stir fry on Thursday night.

Homemade Guac is always a favorite!


My Maddi girl packed my lunch for me one morning this week. I had everything laying out and then I found my lunch put in a bag with a sweet little note.

She has also been full of fun art this week.


Spring is in the air! We had SUN, 40 degrees, and the kids were able to ride their bikes and jump on the trampoline. Also, it is staying light past 5 PM so we are happy little campers around here. Being outside is one of our favorites.

Pinned by Ella Swift; Created by OUI OUI OUI studio:


Essie’s Fiji. It is amazing! The perfect blush for spring. Is anyone else loving all the blush this coming spring? This girl is!

Essie Nail Color, Fiji:

 This weekend is going to be extremely low key and spent at home. We have no plans and no where to be. It is going to be so nice. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Glad to hear the vegan menu has been good this week. What about the tofu? And I seriously laughed out loud when i read spring is in the air and it’s been 40 degrees here! My girls would not be outside if it was 40 degrees here they would still be bundled up in their winter coats. These Texans do not like cold weather. Happy Friday!

    1. Oh boy, 40 feels so warm right now. However in the fall we will be freezing at 40 because for most of the summer is in the 90’s or 100. I chickened out with the tofu! Hahahah! I have never cooked with it or tried it and was all ready to use it in our stir fry and chickened out. It kind of freaks me out! This week I will use it and report back! 🙂

    1. That Guy is my weakness! For some reason he can melt me like no other…and he knows it! For example, he will do something and the second I start to say something he will give me a wink…GAHHH!

  2. Yay for a quiet weekend, us too and I am excited! Also so sweet she packed your lunch for you. Man I need to give up sugar but then someone gets sick and I need soda 😉 xoxo ERIN

    1. I don’t think I could do full fledge. I love meat, eggs and cheese but I am really going to try following a strictly plant-based diet for the majority of my diet. In one week I can tell a major difference. I think splurges for me will be an occasional steak and cheese and eggs. Thank you for all of your encouragement and help with meal plans and tips! I have really taken your advice to heart!

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