Meal Planning Sunday

Meal Planning Sunday #15

Oh my gosh, I have a co-worker who has went completely vegan and it has changed her life. While meat is a must for me, I am really focusing on more plant-based foods and natural sugars. This week’s meal plans might look a little different. I am going to try strictly plant-based foods for three days this week.

Sunday-BBQ Hamburgers…I will be having avocado toast on Dave’s Killer Bread. YES! Also, we will have some grilled veggies as a side.

Image result for Avocado toast

Monday- Chicken Thighs and grilled veggies.

Tuesday- Taco Cups

Wednesday- Baked potatoes. While my family will be eating loaded baked potatoes with chili or bacon, I am going to try to eat these…Roasted Potato Cups with Loaded Guacamole.

Roasted Potatoes filled with Loaded Guacamole-7523

Thursday- Stir Fry. My family will have chicken stir fry while I am going to have vegetable stir fry and try tofu for the first time ever.

Friday- Homemade grilled pizza.

I am so nervous for some reason about this. What if I don’t fill up? What if I NEED cheese?!?!?! Hahaha! For breakfasts I am going to have over night steel cut oats with almond milk and some different mixes and for lunches I am going to have quinoa salads and some avocado toast. And hummus and veggies, LOTS of hummus…

Front: middle age is mostly getting super excited about different flavors of hummus Inside: Blank sapling press cards are printed on tree free cotton paper and paired with a 100% post consumer brown b:

Here is to a new week with some new challenges. Are any of you vegan or vegetarian? Do you ever go meat/dairy free? I cannot imagine a world without meat/cheese/dairy/sugars but I think a few days here and there will be good for me and my body. Who knows, I might just convert (GASP) all the way over…but then again, probably not.


6 thoughts on “Meal Planning Sunday #15

  1. Tofu?!?!? Please let me know how that goes. I have never tried it because it makes me nervous. I would love to go vegan but I love meat! I also have entire cow that has been processed in our freezers that we have to eat. I do love your menu for the week sounds delicious.

    1. I will let you know how the tofu goes. I am SO nervous to make it. Hahaha! I have never even tried it so this should be interesting. I LOVE meat so I could never go 100%. I don’t know what I would do without a nice juicy steak 🙂 Have a great day!

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