Thursday Brain Dump

Here are some random thoughts running through my mind lately…

  • Every piece of produce from Costco lately has tasted so fresh and ripe, like it is really in season. I also buy the majority of our produce from Costco. Nothing says new week ahead like a box of oranges and a flat of strawberries. Anyone else get their produce from Costco?
  • The sun was shining for a couple of days and I loved every single second. My kiddos also soaked it up as much as possible and spent an hour and a half jumping on their trampoline Tuesday. It was glorious and really got me in the mood for spring planting and yard work…then the rain rolled in and now it is rain in our forecast for awhile…BLAH!
  • Happiness Sun Quote:
  • We are having family movie night tonight (“Trolls”) and I am secretly excited to watch this movie, curled up on the couch watching it with my family. The kiddos have no school on Friday so their weekend starts today. I am also secretly jealous of that!
  • I feel like February has flown by. January seemed to stand still, but February is flying by and we really haven’t done much. I may or may not have a goal list that is no where near complete.
  • I HATE this season of “The Bachelor” but I can’t not watch. It is like a train wreck. I really don’t even think there is anyone I like for the Bachelorett. I pretty much want to scream at Nick to open his freakin’ mouth when he talks because I can’t understand him. His mumbling would be a deal breaker for me. I am pretty sure I would drive him crazy with constant requests to repeat himself. Who are your picks for the Bachelorett? Raven? I think Corinne will be on Bachelor in Paradise.
  • If you know me personally, you know that my least favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. This year seemed to knock it out of the park though. I had a great day. My class was so mellow and so kind to one another, and I was spoiled rotten and completely surprised by my husband. It ended up being a great day.
  • Did you know it was Bus Driver appreciation week? Have your kid’s say “thank you” 🙂 Those bus drivers work hard to get our kids to and from school safely.
  • Said no Bus Driver ever....:
  • Maddi has her President’s assembly today. I am excited to hear her speak on Thomas Jefferson. When I asked her why she chose him instead of others, she said “he was one of our founding fathers and they changed the world.” Who can argue with that?
  • I signed Guy up for T-Ball on Tuesday and I had to breath a sigh of relief that Maddi did not want to play softball. I feel like we spend a lot of time shuttling kids after school and I will be happy for a laid back April and May with only one kiddo in sports.
  • Guy picked out a little something extra (a box of chocolates) last week for his special Valentine and it was SO adorable. He walked into WalMart and said “I need to buy something for Char-Char” and went right over to the chocolates. I melted.
  • I spent most of Wednesday thinking it was Thursday.

Just a little random for your Thursday. Thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “Thursday Brain Dump

  1. We have a President’s Day project due Tuesday {we’re out because of sickness} & Carson picked Andrew Jackson because he was our 7th president, & Carson is 7! Love logical thinkers! Great post

  2. I actually dying to watch Trolls too! Hopefully we can watch it next week. I am so jealous that you will only have one child playing one sport this Spring. I have one playing two (softball & soccer) and then the other is playing one (soccer). UGH!!

    1. We will have two in soccer, but that ends in April and then only one baseball player which will be so nice. I love watching them doing things they love but it can be exhaustin. 🙂 Trolls is really good!

  3. Nothing is more depressing than thinking you are a week ahead when you aren’t. I REALLY wish we had a Costco too, but we just have a Sams. Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. I love Costco, I get so many great things from there, even clothes. I am always jealous of people with Targets, the closest one to me is 2.5 hours away…which may or may not be a good thing because I am sure I would be there and spend all the $$$.

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