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A Day in the Life {Valentine’s Day Edition}

I love reading people’s day in the life posts and thought it might be fun to do one seasonally (thanks for the idea Stephanie!). I thought it might be fun to keep track of my Valentine’s Day and share with you.

Here we go….

Yep, 4:30 is when my alarm goes off. I really don’t open my eyes for about 5 minutes. I am a slow riser.

I post my blog and link up.

Then I grab a bottle of water and make myself a cup of coffee.

While my coffee brews, I get Brandon’s lunch packed for him. I like to prep some of this stuff the night before. He was having left overs and some other random stuff :). I know it sounds like it is straight out of the 50’s but this is one way that I show him that I love him and it makes me happy to make his lunch each morning (I even try to do this during summer break).

Around 5:00 I start getting myself ready for the day.

At 5:30ish I have my quiet time. I found that if I woke up and did this right away that I would forget what was being said because my brain takes awhile to warm up in the morning. I also usually have my second cup of coffee during this time. I use this time to catch up on other blogs as well and watch the news. I find that I need about 30-40 minutes of quiet time before the kiddos wake up. I need some warm up time and this is always perfect and I start my day fresh.

Around 6:00 I make the bed

Get some cleaning done like unload the dishwasher from the night before…

…and I also pack my lunch and snacks as well as the kiddos lunches and snacks.

I lay my workout clothes out for when I get home.

I also start a load of laundry and put the last load of laundry away.

At 6:30 I make the kiddos their breakfast.

And then I get myself all ready to go.

We leave for school and work at around 7:15.

I get to school and make sure everything is ready to go for the day and write our morning message.

I get done with recess duty and find these beauties on my desk!

Tuesday is planning day for kindergarten. I love Tuesdays. Today we planned for next week!

After school I place a book order.

I come home and jump on the treadmill for about an hour.

After my workout I fold more laundry, put it away and start another load.

I vacuum each day. I love seeing vacuum lines in my carpet (weird, I know).

Because Brandon is so awesome, dinner is already started. We grilled steaks and had baked potatoes to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We eat dinner at 5:30 most nights. We also gave the kids their Valentine’s which included the movie “Trolls”. We promised them that we would have movie night on Thursday.

After dinner I clean the kitchen and start prepping the next days lunches.

At 6:30, the kids start their reading.

They have both been reading these ocean predator books lately and loving them. We read for 30 minutes each night. I clean out their backpacks during this time and complete their reading logs or any other forms that need returned to school.

Then at 7:00 the kids each take baths or showers and have dessert. Tonight they ate S’mores ice cream. We watched a little bit of “Pirates of the Carribean” before bedtime at 8:00.

Brandon and I ended our night with a little “Fixer Upper”. I know I may get up EARLY but I do go to bed early as well. I try to go to bed between 8 and 9 which is easy most nights as I am wiped, but sometimes I stay up later to watch some TV.  It was a great Valentines Day.

Thanks for reading today!


10 thoughts on “A Day in the Life {Valentine’s Day Edition}

    1. Some mornings I want to die, but I would rather go to bed earlier and have quiet in the morning. I cannot stay up late without being a complete zombie. I wish I was a night owl, I would get so much accomplished!

  1. Watching other peoples days always exhausts me. Isn’t it amazing how much we cram into one day. I wake up about 4:30 too! Early riser for the win. Who needs sleep anyways.

    1. Beth, do you wake up at 4:30 on the weekends too? I really try to sleep in on the weekends but sometimes really miss that quiet time in the mornings. It is just something I crave 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. Doing a load of laundry each day would probably make my life so much simpler…gosh I hate laundry! Getting up early is hard but my day just runs so much smoother if I do. We had a steak & potato dinner for Vday too and it was so good!

    1. Laundry is a daily battle around here. All day, every day. I need to get better at having my kids/teaching my kids to put their own laundry away. I am horrible about assigning chores. Steak and potatoes are my husbands love language 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Looks like great minds think alike! I also wake up at 4:30 but you get WAY more done in the mornings then I do, I am a huge slacker. I will try to a “day in the life” post next week. We also had steak and potatoes (sweet potatoes) for our Valentine’s dinner 🙂

    1. YUMMY! I love having a special dinner on Valentines Day. I love sweet potatoes. I need to add them to next week’s menu. I LOVE summer because I still like getting up super early but I love that I have no where to be and lounge around for a long time. Looking forward to your day in the life! 🙂

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