Workin’ it Wednesday {Keeping our Marriage Strong}

Today I am linking with Shay and Erika for Workin’ it Wednesday. Today we are sharing how we work at keeping our marriages strong. I am really excited to share with you how we do that in our house, but also looking forward to reading others’ advice and tips.



This man right here is my everything. Brandon and I have been married for 11.5 years and going strong. Brandon and I met while I was still in college and from time he said “hello” I have never wanted to spend a day without him. Sure, we have had our downs but we always find our way up together.

We are best friends. Literally. He is my best friend. I tell him everything and he tells me everything. We have so much fun together and genuinely love spending time together. We do things without each other but at the end of the day, he is the one I am talking about my girl time to.

We enjoy the same things and doing things together. Playing golf, going on trips, fishing, yard work, seeing movies, whatever it is I always have the best time with Brandon. We have a lot of common interests and love spending our time together.

He doesn’t ask me to read maps or tell directions, and he always takes out the trash. I don’t ask him to load the dishwasher or mop the floor. Seriously, we know each others weaknesses and things that we despise doing so we do it for one another and do not gloat about it.When we were first married we decided to go on a trip to Boise. Brandon asked me to read the map and when I told him I was not good at it he just kind of laughed and expected me to read the map. Needless to say we went a solid HOUR out of the way and had to turn around (adding 2 hours to our trip). He knows it is a weakness of mine so he doesn’t expect me to tell directions or repeat them. He HATES doing the dishes so I just do them. I know we would both happily do these things for each other if it makes the other person happy.

Quality time is important. We might not be able to go on a date night very often but we do spend quality time with each other each day. The kids go to bed and we spend some time together. Whether it is eating a dessert together or playing a game of cards, we do something special each night with each other.

Never go to bed angry. Brandon’s grandma gave us this advice when we were first engaged and we have taken this to heart. There have been some late nights/early mornings, but we make sure that we work out our differences. We also balance each other out in the “fighting realm”. I am a hot head and used to yell and talk really snarky, however early on Brandon would not put up with that and would call me out. Communication has been a focus of ours throughout our marriage.

We pray together.

Balance. Brandon is really good at thinking long term while I think in the here and now. Brandon can fix anything while I can cook anything. I worry and Brandon is the voice of calming reassurance. Brandon forgets while I remember. Where one of us falls short, the other picks up.


Brandon and I are like peas and carrots. I hope you have a great day and as the day of love comes closer, I will be sharing all about the loves in my life. Thanks for reading today!





15 thoughts on “Workin’ it Wednesday {Keeping our Marriage Strong}

    1. Stephanie, I can so relate to thinking with my heart! And yes, my husband is the logical thinker. Sometimes it can get us into a little argument but for the most part it works out. And you are so right, it is the perfect balance. Thank goodness for grace!

  1. loved all of these and balance for sure! marriage can be tricky but luckily you two sound like you’ve got it down! Hope you’ll stop by mine and let me know what you think!

    1. That map story gets re-visited each time we go on a road trip. I will never forget when Brandon looked over and said “I am pretty sure we are going the wrong way” and all I did was shrug my shoulders and smile because I had already told him I was horrible with directions. Sometimes he gives me too much credit! Hahaha! Have a great day!

  2. My Mr. Nine and I are best friends too! And I love the peas and carrots analogy. You guys just beam and your love and friendship is so evident! Great post girl!

  3. So sweet! You made some really amazing points. Russ and I definitely have our fair share of common interests and knowing your spouses strengths (and weaknesses) is HUGE! Y’all are adorable.

    1. Thank you Beth! You are right, knowing each others strengths and weaknesses as well as likes and dislikes has been HUGE. I think it is great to bring out the best in each other and knowing where you balance each other out. 🙂 Have a great day!

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