Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites {2/2/17}

Happy Friday! What a week and now weekend. I was supposed to be at a training tonight and all day tomorrow but it was canceled due to weather (snow and ice). Which is a little bit of a welcome because this week I have been trying to catch a cold and my bed, blanket, Netflix, and big mug of tea is calling my name tonight. Now, on with my favorites…


Our PTO gifted each teacher $500 for our classrooms. I LOVE all of the support our PTO and community give us.


Our cafeteria is having a poster contest for the Super Bowl this week and Maddi made her poster. For the record, we are Seahawk fans in this house and I am only watching the Super Bowl for the commercials this year.


Last spring I bought a Fitbit Hr and LOVED it. However, after a couple of months of wear it would not stay connected to the charger and the band started separating from the display face. I called their customer service and they shipped me a new one for free. Fitbit was so great to work with. I use mine for everything, steps, tracking workouts, tracking water, tracking calories, tracking sleep…everything fitness related. I am so happy to have this back on my wrist!

Image result for FitBit Hr


I am looking forward to redeeming my Old Navy Super Cash this weekend!

Image result for When is the next Old Navy Super Cash?


This week on the blog I shared…

the best M & M Cookies


My February Goals and a January Re-Cap


What I Read in January…


…and A Busy Person’s Guide to Cleaning…


This weekend we have Birthday parties, basketball games, celebrating good grades, and the big game. I hope you have a great weekend!


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16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {2/2/17}

    1. Britt, choices choices 🙂 I could see where that would be hard to choose between MJ and Old Navy. My kids usually win out in the clothing department! I hope you have a great Sunday!

  1. Yep, those pretty, yummy looking cookies going to get made in this house! Sounds like you have a busy weekend girl, enjoy it to the fullest and I hope it is “super” sweet! Go Falcons!

  2. I am on our school’s PTA board and my favorite thing to do is give money to our teachers. This year we did a Wishlist program and the teachers submitted applications for class funds and we have spent almost 1500 on new things for the teachers. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Were you able to get anything with your Super Cash? I plan on using mine today. I need some good transitional pieces. It was finally in the 40’s yesterday and felt SO warm 🙂 Have a great Sunday Stephanie!

  3. So how did I not know we were both Seahawks fans? My son is obsessed 🙂 We are going to the neighbors and I plan to socialize and eat my way through the game. Also I hope your cold doesn’t get worse and you are able to rest up!!!! xoxo Erin

  4. Meh, no comment on your choice for the Super Bowl. I do hope you feel better and can effectively fight that cold off. How was the Gaines’ book? I’m kind of over them but thought the book interested me! Excited to see your goals come to fruition. And WOWZAHS $500 for each teacher?!?!?! That is HUGE! That would never happen here in NC. Part of the reason I left education.

    1. Amanda, every time the Pats score today I will think of you! I don’t know if you remember #deflategate Hahahaha! We have the best PTO and I just love how much they support us. Our community is a huge support as well because they are the ones that donate so much and allow the PTO to be so generous. 🙂 Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

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