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February Goals and a January Re-Cap

Goals, I LOVE them! I love the start of a new month with all sorts of possibilities as well. Before I get on with my goals for February, I thought I would share my January goals and a recap.


No soda. Done! There were a couple of days in January that I wanted a Pepsi SO badly but refrained and I am so glad I did. I also did not drink any wine or beer this month and I feel pretty good.

Read 3 books. This was the best goal I set. I loved reading while waiting for appointments, basketball practices, waiting, and just coming home and plopping on my couch with a good book. I will be sharing my books with you tomorrow.

40 bags in 40 days. I am a little behind in this ( I couldn’t do it every day) but I am still going strong on getting rid of all our junk. There are two places that I have been putting off and dragging my feet…Maddi’s room and my kitchen cupboards. Maddi’s room is like a PIT. She hoards everything. It stresses me out. I don’t know if I need to do this while she is not here or just force her to get rid of stuff. AHHHH! Any advice?

Workout 3 times per week. I started strong, then died down for about a week and then kicked back up. I also called FitBit and they are sending me a new one because I was unable to attach my charger to it, also the band was coming apart. However, they are sending me a new HR. I don’t know what it is about that little thing, but it really does motivate me to move more. Also, the snow has melted and we have been outside more. WOOHOO!

January was productive. I am going to continue to read more books this month and still have no soda. I may allow myself a glass of wine or two here and there. Especially on a Saturday night.

Now, onto my February goals.

Plan Maddi’s Birthday party. Maddi has a birthday coming up and I would like all of her plans to be nailed down before the end of the month. I would also like to start buying some supplies ahead of time if I can.

Paint dresser and vanity. I have needed to do these projects for awhile and I think this month will be the perfect time to do this.

Build garden boxes. I have had a garden each summer since Brandon and I were first married. This year we are going to build raised garden beds and I am really excited for this. Just a little touch and thought of spring in the dreary winter.

Drink 100 oz. of water each day. I am a water drinker, but I want to focus on “upping” my water intake. I know that I get at least 64 oz during the work week, but on weekends I am not sure how much water I drink. I would like to track this.

What goals do you have for February? Did you set and reach any goals in January? I would love to hear about them!


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11 thoughts on “February Goals and a January Re-Cap

  1. You are a girl after my own heart! You know how much I love setting goals! I think having to type them here on our blogs makes me way more accountable!! I’m sharing my February goals on Thursday! I can’t wait to see what books you share tomorrow!! 🙂

  2. I cut out soda in January as well! It was definitely not easy. I even went as far as cutting out any sugary drinks. Only water. I can’t tell you how badly I want a soda!! (Although I did have a couple beers.) Glad you hit your goal as well! Good luck with your February goals!

    1. Hi Leslie, there were so many moments that I wanted a Pepsi. It is so hard, isn’t it? I hear ya! I just chew some gum and try to wait for the moment to pass 🙂 Or drink some water. I think I will allow myself some wine though this month 🙂 Or a beer or two. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Woohooo for 100 oz of water a day. I am so good during the week but drag on the weekends. I think water, tea, and coffee are going to be my drinks for the month (minus the wine I will drink at some point) 🙂

  3. I think these are all great goals!

    I built a garden box a few years ago & I loved it! Definitely “spruced” up apartment living! :).

    I even left it there when I moved for the next tenants to enjoy. Hopefully they did!

  4. My girls are hoardings too!!! I can not stand to go into their room! If you find the magical answer please let me know. I am hoping when we split them up next month that this will help. Only time will tell.

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