4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {1/27/17}

  1. Yay on stellar report cards! You know they do so well because they have the best mama who since day one has made sure they learn and grow and get their homework done, LOL! You are just the cutest, love your hair to pieces! Too funny, it seems like every single stinking time I was on the phone that’s when the boys are like mom mom mom mom, I need this mom, he’s hitting me mom, mom mom. Oh my, glad those days are over with, ha ha! I hope you have a cozy a sweet weekend!

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    1. Andrea, you are the best! I know I am going to miss having young kiddos, but there are some parts I won’t miss and that is one of them! Hahahah! Also, when my daughter tells me the day of a party that she needs soda for 28 people. Thanks! Oh the joys of parenting! 🙂


  2. Isn’t that the truth….my kids are always coming when I’m in the bathroom! Hair day is always the best. Hope you guys have a fun time celebrating good grades!


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